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Villaggio Apartments
5200 E. Texas, Bossier City, LA 71111
2 User Responses

Yes, yes, yes! We moved in April '10 and are moving out at the end of this month. When we moved in, we were offered their "2 months free rent" deal... where we got the first 2 months free. It wasn't even two weeks into our first month and they called us to tell us they had told us wrong and we had to pay for the second month because the 2nd "free" month was supposed to be our last month. We argued over that, got it fixed, and then were told our bank wouldn't pay our rent on the third month because they tried automatically taking our rent out on the 27th of the second month instead of the 1st of the third month. We were NOT told they would automatically take our money out of our bank nor were we expecting them to do it before the 1st. We ended up having to pay a late fee due to their screw up. After that, we were told we had to pay rent with money orders. Anyone want to know what a pain in the --- paying $1000 rent with money orders is? Because my bank is not located within this city, I had to go to the ATM and perform 4 transactions, go to a gas station, and get 2 money orders every damn month. Fast forward to this month and we are now haggling over what we owe them for when we move out. Originally, when we called over two weeks ago to give notice, we were told we'd only have to pay for September. Last week, I went up there to sign our 30 day notice and we were told we had to pay for September AND October. I left without signing anything. Today, I went in there to pay rent (considered late because they were closed for Labor Day weekend and do not have a place to deposit rent checks for when they are closed)and I was informed that our 30 day notice officially started today.. so we had to pay an extra $200 because our official last day is Oct. 6 despite us calling and giving them MORE than 30 days notice two weeks ago.
Not only do they try to nickel and dime you for every penny they can squeeze out of you, they do NOT take care of their grounds. I doubt the stairwell and walkways have been swept clean and hosed down since the place was built. Dog poop is everywhere as well as the fire ants. The pool is hardly maintained and too small for this big complex. The gym is a joke. The "lake" is filthy, filmy, and disgusting. There is no beach. They JUST finished the jogging trail despite telling us a year ago it was built. There are no studs to be found within the apartment and things fall off the wall. They will charge you to change flourescent light bulbs. I don't remember the last time the bug guy has come nor do I remember the last time they changed the air filter. There is no beach, no paddle boats (not that anyone would want to swim or boat on that disgusting "lake"), and trash/filth in the lake. So not worth the money we've paid for this place. I've NEVER left an apartment feeling so frustrated.

Last Updated: 09/06/11
I feel bad that you are a grown adult and can't change your own light bulbs...The bug guy came today and will the first of the every month. I was even out side smoking and heard him stop at every door on my building before getting to mine. If all you say is true then they have change. If all you say is not true then shame on you.
I don't mind replacing normal light bulbs, but every other apartment I've been in has replaced the fluorescent bulbs free of charge. If they have a new bug guy that is coming regularly now, then I am happy for you. However, look around the grounds. Is there still dog poop all over the grass? What about cigarette butts all over the stairwells and upper walkways. Look at the lake. Is it still scummy and unusable? How's that beach? Nice and sandy? I told the truth with my review and stand by it. I haven't lived there since August and don't miss it one bit. I'm happy if you're happy there, but there are many, many who have been unhappy in that place. I hope for your sake, and those who have businesses there, they change and succeed and everyone can be happy. But, at the time of my review, all I said was true.

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