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Chaparral Apartment Homes
215 N Gladys Street, Leesville, LA 71446
2 User Responses

Although the exterior appearance of the buildings in Chaparral Apartments are decently maintained this apartment complex is out-dated and could use major renovation. All of the employees seem to be nice in the office however when complaining to the property manager all a tenant receives is snobby and rude attitude. I was warned not to move into the Chaparral Apartment Home community. I disregarded the previous warnings and moved to the community anyway. The are charges for everything and with the economy being so bad at this time it is ridiculous. As an employee of one of the major contractors on Fort Polk when speaking to new comers to Fort Polk I will attempt to persuade soldiers and family members to not move to the Chaparral Apartment home community. It is not a place for children because there is no playground. There are so many rules to utilizing the pools until some of the tenants do not even want to utilize it. I have stepped out of my vehicle on more than one occasion stepping into vomit in the parking lot. I have previously complained to the manager about tenants with pets leaving dog poop in the grass area making it very uncomfortable to even walk in the grass area however nothing was done to correct the problem not even a note on tenants doors. After Hurricane Rita hit the area one of my neighbors water heater broke and water flooded his apartment so he placed the area rugs in his apartment on the balcony rails to dry. Upon management noticing this I found a note on my door warning me to move the rug so I notified the office for falsely accusing me of this action. I never received an apology or anything. Management never investigates anything. On another occasion there was a note left on the door from management accusing my children of bringing outside children of the surrounding community to utilize the pool. Upon visiting the office to speak to the manager/Kathy Lacina I explained my children were not even around that weekend both had spent the weekend on Fort Polk with friends. I still did not receive an apology however upon me making the statement that I guess all African American children must look a like she agreed they do so it is easy to confuse them. The foors in my apartment have a lot of week spots, the ceiling over my bath tub had caved in at one point, and upon my refrigerator malfunctioning and going out it was replaced by a roach invested refrigerator. I plan on speaking to the General's office on Fort Polk to update them on the overall standards of Chaparral Apartment complex. Soldiers and family members should be warned from moving within the community. Sycamore Point apartments are newly rennovated with a playground for children and a pool. It is highly recommended.

You should check out the ones in Lubbock they;re just as bad if not worse
That fat slob Kathy is a real racist.

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