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The West End Apartments
4 Emerson Place, Boston, MA 02114
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We have lived in the West End Asteria building for almost 3 years due to its proximity to MGH but are finally moving out. Every year they tried to raise the rent and we had to negotiate with management, this year they raised it by 20% and we decided its just not worth what we are paying for. The 's are location, (in downtown Boston close to MGH, T, River, etc.), its a fairly new/modern building with nice decor, a small gym, and concierge service. It's also a 5 min walk to Whole Foods which is convenient.

The negatives are the apartments are really small, ours was 757 sq. ft 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath for 2300/month, the parking is also really expensive, there's NOT a lot of storage space, and they do not do yearly upkeep of the place, the walls have started to peel and although we vacuum the carpets literally every other day they have become pretty dirty and could use some cleaning service. We were lucky enough to have our apartment face the green yard, but I cannot imagine having to face the hospital that would be awful. It was also annoying to see hospital employees in their scrubs smoking all the time in front our building, especially when you can see them from the gym while you're trying to workout and be healthy.

The gym is nice for working out, especially when its cold out and you don't want to go outside, but it can get really busy from 5-8, and we had to wait for an open treadmill a few times.

Overall, due to the HIGH rent and POOR upkeep of the apartments I would not recommend this place (unless you absolutely need to live next to the hospital).

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