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Crossroads Apartments
500 Crossroads Dr, North Dartmouth, MA 02747
5 User Responses

Let's start with the office rude, ignorant, devious and incompetent. They treat you like crap because your low income even the people like me who work full time when i probably make more money than the manager. If you need anything fixed in your aptartment don't expect it to get done right or any time soon. They let anybody live here, you must have to be a criminal or dead beat to be accepted. Kids are always running around with no supervision. People smoke weed in the hallways like it's Amsterdam day and night. There is a lack of security i don't feel any safer than if i lived in any projects in new bedford. I am a lifelong dartmouth resident and i am ashamed that i live here. The parking is horrible and when it snows they don't plow until late morning, i guess that's because most of the people here don't work anyway. I would not recommend this place to anyone unless your a drug dealer then you would make a good living here. This place is like the surrounding communities took a crap in dartmouth and called it crossroads.

OMG!! its like you read my mind!! I agree with this!! I work my butt off and pay allot for rent here. I don't let my kids outside unless I am with them. We are planning on moving as well. Some of the new people that have moved in here are not so good at all and I am sick of seeing the cops coming here and kids almost being hit by cars. Management is very rude and things DON'T get fixed its a band aid place !! And these lovely mega speed bumps they put in and have not painted them yet are just awesome!! I do not recommended this place to anyone unless you have no other option. Then I would say keep to yourself to many two faced people here.
I completely agree with this. 100% I lived here years ago also when I was younger, and it was NOTHING like it is today. It does seem like they are letting just ANYONE IN. so true about maintenance also they always take their sweet as time for everything. That cleaning lady or whoever she is I cant stand very rude and basically only comes to work to be in EVERYONES business. she is very unprofessional and has NO LIFE. HENCE SHE PROBABLY WORKS HERE. im in the process of moving out and I cant wait. I do NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE. It is NOT worth it. Maybe as a temporary situation just so you can save money but definitely not if your planning on raising a family here
Lol...Glad to see it, thats probably the rude staff responding. How unprofessional. I wish I could qualify for to live in projects. Its seems all the condo's have downgraded beyond what projects "used" to be. I won't consider this place thanks for the heads up!
Just because it is stated in your lease that they won't DISCRIMINATE(learn to spell) against you doesn't mean that they won't.
If the office was so incompetent why are you still living there? It is stated in your lease that they do not discrimate because of your income,color , creed. I feel you can not compare Crossroads to any projects in New Bedford because they are not the same. On plowing . How can they plow early when people are sleeping and have not left. Sorry that you do not like it here. but the big question is so why did you move it?

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