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Montclair Place (formerly Towers Sagamore)

95 West Squantum Street, Quincy, MA 02171
% Recommended
City Average

I lived in various apartments in the area, so I appreciate fair and honest reviews. I hope this helps those who are considering moving here (or not). I lived here for 3 years. The biggest complaint I have is the pricing.… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

Archstone (the owner) is building CELL PHONE TOWERS ON TOP OF THE BUILDING! They've signed an agreement to install multiple dishes - and will most likely add more in the future if they get past the zoning board, neighbors, and courts.… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 11 months now and I can't wait to leave. When I am writing this review, I am trying to be not only objective but also without being disrespectful. Building: Old. Windows: Tiny. Corridors: 100% Smelly. Manager:… Full Review ▶


Be very careful if you decide to sign on here....the new management team is a nightmare. I will say the assistants in the office are helpful, but the community manager is horrible. She will not return calls, and is of zero… Full Review ▶


has gym
free internet room
free coffee and sitting place
nice kitchen
great location right next to N Quincy T station.

NOW THE CONS, which are many and unending.
-rude and dumb managment
-hallways stink and no ventialation and air cirruclation
-building stinks horribly
-class of people are not that… Full Review ▶


Read the fine print, between the lines and if something isn't in writing it's because they (Management) doesn't want you to know.

Watch out and watch your wallet!

If you read a possitive review I can GUARNTEE that Management wrote it! Full Review ▶


Very old apartment. Lot of complaints with the missing clothes in washer/dryer. With stupid mailing boxes, quite frequently lost my mails, especially once i lost my renewed credit card and have to call my bank to send new one and update… Full Review ▶


Very pleased with almost everything.
-Safe place/no breakins, compared to most other places nearer to Boston.
-Very close to T.
-Very quick with maintenance
- Was able to change apartments with no hassle.
- Has gym, internet, coffee, concierge, security.
- No charge for parking.
- Quiet… Full Review ▶


I'm currently a resident of archstone and trust me everythings been going great here.My husband works in downtown and this place is so close to the T.Maintenance is very prompt.I've reported so many problems and got them done in 1 or… Full Review ▶


Believe me, you feel like sleeping outside, such a bad door and windows, you can feel the Cold breeze even inside the house. It's not just for me, heard the same complaints from many of my friends. On top of that,… Full Review ▶


I'm glad to finally see all the negative reports about this place. It shows that
everything I went through with the management
while I was there wasn't imagined.

Full Review ▶


I'm convinced that any (and probably all) possitive reviews were sent by someone from management. I've talk with my neighbors and no one believes all the accolades.

There's no ventilation in the hallway so you always smell whatever everyone around you… Full Review ▶


You pay $1300 for a 1br apt. not include all utilities (you pay heat, hot water and everything) and $400 moving in fee....
why do you live in Quincy

$1300 on top of almost $200 (esp. in Winter)utilities....you could find an apt. in… Full Review ▶


No Parking for friends/family. Bossy management people that blame you for anything that's wrong in your apartment and rent has doubled over the past few years. I hate it hear and can't wait to move out. Full Review ▶


Lived here about 6 months now. The neighbors are very friendly and respectful here. The building has not had any security issues, safe place to live. Management and maintenance staff have been quite accomodating, very quick response for requests! Parking isn't… Full Review ▶


Safety, not heard any break-in to car or apartment, 24 hrs security svc with video surveillance.
Nearer to T.
Good maintenance and management staff.
Good neighbours and no noise between the apartment.
Kitchen equiments in good condition.

No play place for children, tennis court, pool. (Only… Full Review ▶


was good in 2003-2004 but since the change of management staff, it sucks Full Review ▶


Overall, I've enjoyed living here for the past year. My apartment was nice when I moved in only a few small problems that were repaired pretty quick. Only problem I've had is when people park in my space. The security guy… Full Review ▶


I've only lived in Montclair Place for a short period of time, however quite pleased. The building is newly rennovated, has a gym and internet cafe. There is also a new Planet Fitness just down the street. 93, 3, and 3A… Full Review ▶


Management sucks. They don't know how to deal with tenants. Always put blame on you for defective apartments without any ventilation Full Review ▶


I've been trying to get the same maintenance problem fixed for over 3 months now and still don't know when it'll be repaired. On top of that they keep on jacking up the rent, 18% increase last time. Maintenance men come… Full Review ▶


If you're considering moving into Montclair Place do yourself a favor and RUN! Run away fast and don't look back. This place looks good but the management SU---. Their favorite word to the tenants is NO! And they say it often… Full Review ▶


The building is nice, it was just re-done a couple of years ago. The staff has changed and things don't seam as friendly as before.

The Leasing Agent (Dan) that rented to us was very helpful but he's gone. Now the Manager… Full Review ▶


All good reviews written by management stuff. Just move in. You will see the problems. Rude maintenance stuff, too much move out fees, fire alarm, not proper ventilation in some aprtments. Full Review ▶


I stayed at Montclair place for more than 2 years and loved it very much. I have stayed in apts for the last 9 years so I have seen many apts before and this was the best experience I ever had.

Management… Full Review ▶


The commute was real easy, the North Quincy "T" stop is across the street. Super Stop & Shop is with-in a couple minute walk which was very important to me because I don't drive. The Maintenance staff was always there willing… Full Review ▶


Don't get fooled by the last few good reviews. Management wrote most of those reviews. They will charge you huge move out fees just for minor things(They will try to replace the whole carpet). Management will be rude to respond your… Full Review ▶


Moving from another major apartment management company, my boyfriend and I didn't expect the leval of service we have received. Between the moving in help and the installation of our Direct TV and DSL, you guys do it all. Please except… Full Review ▶


This is just a note to say, "How Much This Place (and Peolple) meant to us". We were at Montclair Place since April, 2000 until now (March 31, 2004). It has been a homey atmosphere staying here. All are very friendly,… Full Review ▶


I jsut recently became seperated from my husband after 12 years together. To say that I´m a liitle emotional is putting it mildly. The employees at Montclair Place couldn´t have been more helpful. From the leasing team, maintenance/cleaning and the front… Full Review ▶


I am writing in regards to the staff of Montclair Place in North Quincy, Masschusetts. I presently reside in one of your handicap apartments. I thought it would be the proper thing to write a good letter about the staff as… Full Review ▶


I had to move out of state for family matters but I wish I could move back.

The apartments are wonderful and the management is great. I lived there for 7 years and the place was really run down before… Full Review ▶


Never ever come to this place. Management folks are big liar & once you moved in they will even not remember you & treat you like a begger. Other feedback you can see from the posts. Full Review ▶


There WERE 2 reasons attracted me to this apartment:
1) T-station closed-by.
2) Management staff appear to treat me as a tenant.

After living here for 2 weeks...as others said...it becomes hell. I was hitting myself for making such a… Full Review ▶


I am leaving here for last 6 months & waiting for to be moved out after my lease expires(Another 6 months hell). Management always try to pinpoint you for any problem in your apartment. They are always correct & you will… Full Review ▶


Me and my boyfriend have lived here for 4 months and have to move because of a job change. Overall this place has a very good location in terms of public transport, grocery shopping, close to the city, gym & internet… Full Review ▶


Just stay away. Everyday you will hear fire alarm signals & management will try to screw you up for that. You will remember my comments if you move in Full Review ▶


I lived here for about 8 months. The management is fairly ok, there is a lady and a gentleman who run the operations there and sometimes I suspect if they play the "good-cop, bad-cop" routine! The guy offers whatever the lady… Full Review ▶


They have done a wonderful job with the renovations and this place now looks brand new. I enjoy living here and the staff is great. There is always someone around and the maintainance guys are very nice and willing to help… Full Review ▶


My job keeps me moving from place to place and I´ve had several apartments in my rental life but I believe Montclair Place is the BEST!

I took a risk moving into Montclair Place when I did because there were… Full Review ▶


Since new management took over in Jan. 2001
there has been renovations throughout the interior and exterior of the building.
Tenants have suffered construction noises (jackhammers, hammering, drilling etc.) sometimes as early as 7:15 AM. Massachusetts law states that times and… Full Review ▶


I believe it´s the best place in Quincy or any other neighborhood that I´ve lived in. The employees are friendly, helpful and keep the place spotless. I´m glad I moved in and can´t see myself living any where else. I´d like… Full Review ▶


All this childesh banter means nothing, the complex as a whole is great. I loved the location and the facilties. It is unfortunate that I had the bad experience with Dan and that it had to come to a war of… Full Review ▶


The former resident who wrote the original review violated company policy and when I questioned him about it, he became very rude and disrespectful. It was him who walked around here as if he owned the place. Of course, that was… Full Review ▶


the only reason i had to move was my job:(
i wish thay left me alone. the staff is doing a great job, and i wonder if phil ever goes home, when i left in the morning he was there,when i… Full Review ▶


I lived at montclair place for a year or so and I loved the place except for one bad experience with Dan. He is a little man that works in the front office. He is a real little pain in the… Full Review ▶


I have minor complaints, like the cleaner that is used to clean the hallway carpet smells so bad that the smell seeps into your apartment. The building´s smoke alarm is very loud and comes on frequently and can only come off… Full Review ▶


This building and the tenants have gone through a lot in the past 2 years. The building was sold approx. 2 years ago and was in dire need of repairs. The new management company has certainly done a cinderella story here,… Full Review ▶


I have been living at this apartment complex for almost 4 years. The previous owner did not keep up with any repairs, renovations and/or anything to make apartment building a nice place to live. When the new management took over, it… Full Review ▶


I can walk to the North Quincy T stop and the Super Stop and Shop. The tenents just had a wonderful holiday party given by the management company. Our building is like brand new, we have a new lobby, fitness center… Full Review ▶


I´ve been living in this property for over 6 years, and over all, I´m very satisfied with everything here.

The property was recently purchased from the previous owner who was very nice, but did not maintain the property. The new… Full Review ▶


This place is great. I have loved living here from day one. The people in the building are dirty and disgusting but those are mostly the "old residents" as we like to call them. The management is great the view is… Full Review ▶


This Unit has an convienient location. Walking distance to the North Quincy ´T´ Stop and just off I-93 (Exit 12 South, Exit-9 North). That is the only thing good I can say about it :-(

The complex has been bought… Full Review ▶


Small repairs such as to a balcony screen door´s wheel or to a toilet, or to inadequate
electricity to the stovetop are made quickly. A day at most.

Residents are mostly considerate.
Mostly quiet at night even the weekends.
Full Review ▶

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Studio1 $ 2127
11 $ 1873
21 $ 3037


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