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Crosswinds at Rolling Road II
7500 Hithergreen Drive, Baltimore, MD 21244
3 User Responses

Where do I start? Maintenance is horrible....management even worst! When i first moved in (July), my dishwasher was broken, I put in over 5 orders to have it fixed....you know when I FINALLY received a new dishwasher??? IN OCTOBER! I've only been here since July 1st 2011 and would rather pay the fees of breaking my lease than to stick it out the remainder of the contract! The noise is unbearable! The walls are thin! There are animals or something running around in the ceilings EVEN AFTER the roofs were SUPPOSED to be redone. This place is the worst! As stated before, its nothing but city life moved to the county! Its just the glorified ghetto!!

You are absolutely right! This place is the worst. I've lived here for about 8 years and loved it here. Can't remember who owned it then. Sawyer came in and it began to go down but since Harborgroup Management has taken over it has sunk down lower than low. It has been hell here. The employees in the leasing have very nasty attitudes. They act like they've eaten nails all day. They lie to you right in your face. It's as if their salary is mandated on how can be the nastiest. I can't seem to find anything appealing about this property. Trust me, looks are deceiving. There's terrible customer service/relations, horrific maintenance, neighbors from hell, etc. They run this development and any of their other properties like slumlords. There is not enough incentive money in the world that will entice me to recommend this place to anyone of my friends. I wouldn't even recommend Crosswinds to someone I despised.
Did you report them to the code violation dept.
I agree. You will hate yourself if you move here. Staff should be fired and apartments should be inspected by health department!

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