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I've lived in the Hamptons for 3 years. When I first moved here, I was surprised at all the negativity of these reviews and wrote my own about how much I loved it. Well, folks, the times they are a changin. This place has seriously gone downhill. The buildings are falling apart, and don't bother to call the office to get something fixed...they don't bother getting back to you. Recently, a gang of teens and 20 somethings has moved in to the neighborhood. They stand around the apartment, the sidewalk and the parking lot, literally at ALL hours of the day and night. Some are is gangs, some are dealing, its disgusting. Complaints have been made to the office and NOTHING has been done. I have lived in crappy apartments in crappy neighborhoods before. Heck, I lived in an inner-city hood once and I have never felt particularly unsafe. Here? I do. Not to mention the rent has gone up ridiculously since I moved in. I just gave notice of my intent not to renew my lease. Guys, this place is not the bargain you think it is. Keep looking, there are much nicer, safer places to live in Germantown.

Last Updated: 06/25/10
very bad staff at 19757 crystal rock drive
I've never had problems with parking. and, OH MY GOD THERE ARE PEOPLE NEAR YOU? How horrible! However do you stand living in the type of place where PEOPLE HANG OUT??? *rolls eyes* First off, when I mean alot of people hang out. It's not like they are welcomed. Just the other night, there was two fights in my building. Me and another tenant had to call the police in the two separate incidences. Now, you might like living here, but I can honestly tell you that people hang out smoking weed, have loud music, and party at all times a night OR they are fighting. The only good thing about this place is that they changed the front desk. The new ladies are very nice. The others were..... DARE I SAY IT ..... HORRIBLE!!!! I ALWAYS have problems with parking. One major reason is because half the people who park here DOES NOT live here. AND you can *ROLL your eyes* all you want, but you don't live near my building and you may be one of the lucky ones that have no drama going on in your building.....and that's fine. But please know all of us are not that lucky!!!!!! Enjoy your stay
I've never had problems with parking. and, OH MY GOD THERE ARE PEOPLE NEAR YOU? How horrible! However do you stand living in the type of place where PEOPLE HANG OUT??? *rolls eyes*
Whoever wrote this review is bullshitting. The new management is great, it took them long enough to change out the front desk people. The particular building that I live in,is horrible!!!!!!!!! There is never a parking space. Alot of people hang out at night it's horrible. I can't wait till my lease is up so I can get the hell out of here!!!!!
I live here too and yea, it can be loud and I hate not having laundry in the apartment but my work is always done when I need it and the new staaff in the office is ALOT better than it was.
This sounds like an advertisement, with one small "negative" thrown in to make it sound realistic. I lived here years ago, it sucked then, and I hear it's only gotten worse. Avoid at all costs.
Sounds like someone from the office wrote that last review!
What do you mean your utilities are around 20 dollars? Do you just mean water? or water and electricity included?

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