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2731 Nicholson Street, Hyattsville, MD 20782
1 User Response

Stay AWAY from this place. IT IS NOT WORTHY. !
Please pay attention to this place. First, is sooo dammed infested. Super gross neighbors pot smokers. Couple of times police knock at my door trying to locate"someone". Very scary at night. Gusys in bycycles chasing women. There were couple of rapes.
THEN, the apartments are old. in winter is super cold, in summer is super hot. water is brown and undrinkable.Believe me is cheap" but you will end up paying more than you think just as the simple fact that there are also thief (your neighbor)that break into your car.The people at the office are helpless. Everytime you complain their expression in their face is like"I dont care" ...They kept their deposit(almost all of it) even though we left the place in good conditions.STAY AWAY!

Sound like you must have moved into the same building I lived in . Kirkwood is very chaotic and transient. There is a huge bedbug, roach and rodent problem. We never had any crime issues, but it may have been because there waqs a strong male prescence in our building. A large issue is the fact Kirkwood gets over by taking advantage of immigrants. They tried to keep part of our deposit but I immediately had my attorney get in touch with them and alll of our deposit was returned. We lived in 2617 Kirkwood Pl. and could not wait to leave. They even get a kickback from tow truck companies in the area who try to tow your car and get a cut of the fee to get it back. They illegally towed my car and were forced tpo recoup me for the inconvenience and are facing further litigation. Kirkwood is a money pit, the cheap rent is not worth the health and welfare risks.

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