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St. Marys Landing
21590 Pacific Drive, Lexington Park, MD 20653
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I have been living at these apartments for about 7 months and they are absolutely TERRIBLE!!!! There are no assigned parking spots, it's first come first served. When I first moved in I was parking a ways away from my apartment. Appliances do not match and the dishwasher is in need of serious servicing or complete replacement. Carpet is cheap, staff is NOT friendly, there is NO actual security in place (just officers that live here called "courtesy officers" I have never actually seen them patrol or drive around). There is virtually no soundproofing what so ever between the apartments, very little to no storage room in the kitchen or throughout the entire apartment, not to mention that the fixtures are dated, floors creak and doors are hard to open (looks like there's foundation/settling problems). Yes, the grounds are well kept but that's about it. The manager is friendly but all other staff members have attitudes and blow you off if you have a simple question, they also hang up on you before you have a chance to ask another question as well. I would absolutely NOT RECCOMEND these apartments to anyone, even my worst enemy. These apartments are terrible!!!! Yes they're cheap but that's exactly what you're getting, a cheap apartment.

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