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Mill Pond Apartments
602 Milldam Court, Millersville, MD 21108
4 User Responses

Millpond Apartments have been bought by new a new property management company Legend Property Management Group. While I will say the former owners, Equity was worthless I am not seeing improvements as of yet. Our dishwasher pump failed to work during a wash cycle and water flooded through all 4 floors of the building our apartment and into those under us. We were assured 3 weeks ago by our new maint. personnel, they would be back to steam clean the carpet which was soaked. They put a fan on the wet area outside our kitchen and into the living room area. Said fan was plugged into one of the many non working outlets in our apartment and left. An idle fan not blowing nor drying the soaked carpeting and padding. We had to leave the next day to go out of town and were not able to make sure what the Maint. men promised us was actually done.
When we returned we did so to an apartment that smelled of wet diapers as nothing had been done to the carpeting. Undoubtedly, it is now molded and ruined under what you can see, but you can certainly smell it. I have been to the office NO less than 5 times and am assured each time something will be done. I did get 5 notices of things which were supposedly completed around our apartment yet no carpet has been pulled no steam cleaning which would be ineffective at this point. A new pump in the dishwasher is not needed according to the newest maint. crew. Yet, we were told 3 weeks ago NOT to use the dishwasher till it was replaced. If you live under us you have my apologies as we have begun using our dishwasher again, who knows how long it will be till it malfunctions again and floods those under us.
My roommate is severely asthmatic and mold issues have been life threatening for both of us in the past. Needless to say we are both VERY worried about our health at this point. We cannot bring anyone into the apartment any longer as the smell of the mildew and mold under padding of the carpet stinks too badly. When you walk in the front door the smell is assaulting. I am so very glad to read other renters have had different experiences with this new Management group.
However new management or old I cannot in good conscience recommend Millpond to anyone. In our apartment and in our opinion it is still just the same old run around and pointing fingers at past managements poor habits to cover those of your own. Now if you will excuse me we have to turn off the computer and various other electrical appliances so my roommate can dry her hair otherwise we will trip the single breaker on which the living room, dinning area, bathroom and both back bedrooms rely.
Post Script...
I can also say I have witnessed one of the rental agents of our new management team/owners actually calling other local apartments posing as a potential renter in order to go and assess the other apartment complexes in our area. He portrayed himself as a potential renter as he asked all sorts of questions about what they offered, rental rates, ammenities. I even witnessed him set an appointment to go and see Marley Run apartments. After getting off the phone with them I pointed out he was being shady. I kept it jovial and laughed with him about it all and in the course of our conversation he revealed he had been instructed by his betters to get his investigative task done by 3:00 p.m. While I have no opposition to any company understanding what competition in their market might be offering, the very fact knowledge was pursued in a shady dishonest manner as instructed by his upper management does not make me hopeful that Legend Property Management (our new owners) will treat me as a tenant any differently than Equity did. They have already shown in this instance a willingness to be dishonest and without honor.
I will be taking pictures and will post to this posting to show you the shape of our apartment and will keep posting to honestly share with those of you considering moving here our continuing experiences as we try to get the mold and mildew situation under control as a result of the faulty dishwasher and subsequent flooding. Keep in mind the day the dishwasher over flowed was more than 3 weeks ago at this point, 3 weeks of assurances something would be done and nothing has. 5 visits to management office to ask when the issue would be handled nothing yet. Like I said will keep you posted. I suppose it remains to be seen if I will be reporting positive things or continue sharing the disappointment we feel at this point. My personal email is posted if you have any questions and want current updates as to my experiences here feel free to email me.

8/13/2012- 1:06 PM
I promised honest updates. Today a maintenance man came by basically telling me there were not any real issues with the apartment. Further, he informed me that electrical issues and breaker tripping was caused by the 5 fish tanks I have in the apartment. He further informed me they couldn't keep coming up to my apartment to fix something caused by using too much power for my tanks. BULL CRAP! I quickly told him he could go and I would take up any issues I had with management. The attitude he showed was the same old crap we have dealt with for the past two years.
However, within 10 minutes of his departure, Teresa the new apartment manager from Millpond and Legend Property MAnagement was at my door with Luis the temporary maint. supervisor. I was in the shower when they first came getting ready to head down to the office once again to light someone up. But they were still at the door when I got out. Luis was the Maint. supervisor who was there the first night the dishwasher flooded. While I disagree with his claim that he never told us not to use the dishwasher, I was glad to finally see upper on site management taking notice of our issues.
Luis said he would be back tomorrow to pull up carpet and see what issues exist under the carpeting and in the padding. He also said he would be looking into the electrical box to see about our breakers which trip continuously. I will wait to upgrade my rating till I see words put to action. Today though surly about the first visit from Maint. I will admit the visit from Teresa and Luis was something we have not yet experienced in the way of concern from property management and it was good to see and experience.

8/14/2012- 1:10 AM
Thank you anonymous for your link. Good to know where that site it finally. Unfortunately while the site works for those trying to apply to be residents it does not work for those of us who are residents. Currently the only way to contact management or pay bills etc. (all the things the site is supposed to do) is via in person or by phone. Regrettably, from what I understand once the website is functional for current residents we will have to pay a fee in order to use the site.

8/14/2012- 6:27 PM
I am pleased to report this morning the maint. supervisor Luis showed up and went to work. Loose and non working electrical outlets we replaced in the front room of the house. The breaker box was was worked on and I am hoping the back of the apartment was placed on more than one breaker as there was both back bedrooms bathroom and all electrical outlets. The younger maint. man whom I dismissed from my apartment for arguing with me and telling me in raised tones "we aint gonna keep coming up here to fix stuff when you are just using too much power." was back as well. Though this time he managed to keep his mouth shut. Till he realized the whole back of the apartment (as we had been saying) was in fact on one worn out breaker. His words, "the whole back of this place is on one breaker." He said it in a rather dismayed sounding tone. To which I agreed.. "yeah thats what we have been saying for 3 years." Luis handled steam cleaning the carpet where the dishwasher had over flowed and said he pulled up the carpet to see if there was mold underneath. Though it is strange to me if there is no mold as he was maintaining why then the need to steam clean?
There are still many issues in our apartment as you can see from the pictures but at least the smell of wet moldy carpet is now gone. The pictures I have posted with this little accounting are still issues.. and still look the same. But I am glad to have at least the threat of health threatening mold out of the way. The carpet out front is still drying from the steam cleaning and we will have to move our furniture back into place once it has. Small price to pay for finally getting a few of our issues fixed.
I hope this accounting helps any of you who are thinking of moving into this apartment complex. I will further update as we try to get the rest of our issues handled.

Needs to be fixed.
1. Bathroom floor
2. AC Unit molded and falling down insulation.
3. Ants
4. painting to cover sheet rock work
5. stain on walls from previous tenants.
6. stain removal from carpeting from previous tenants as well.
7. Other lose outlets in back of house need fixing as well.

Let me walk through the various things we rate an apartment for on this site and tell you a little more about them.

Parking- Parking has gotten more available as occupancy has gone down in the apartments. You can rent a parking place so it is reserved for you. Watch out though dont park where you shouldn't as the tow company will pull you in a heartbeat on the weekends they are not allowed to tow during the week. We are one of those renters who has paid for the parking space and ours is reserved. So parking for us is not an issue but if you don't rent a spot its first come first serve. Guest on weekends had better park in guest parking or they will be towed.

Noise- Our building is quiet now, but it wasn't when we first moved here and had college kids under us and next door. The walls are thin so you better hope you have good neighbors who will be considerate of your rest time, or you will be calling the police.

Grounds- The grounds are nothing really special. but the maint. company who handles lawn care etc does do their job.

Safety- I feel safe enough here but I am a former Marine. I have heard many fights and arguments in the parking lot in our time here.MY roommate who is a tiny woman at times does not feel as safe as I do. The folks in our building have kinda gotten to know each other it seems so we all greet as we pass each other.

Construction- The buildings are old, well, most of them are. 40 years or more old. There is joint water for the buildings and a joint boiler to heat water. Upside is you NEVER run out of hot water.

Maintenance- I think I can honestly say the maint. since we moved here has been deplorable. Bandaid fixes and forever to replace something that is broken. When I say forever it took two years to get a new AC unit when the old one wasnt working properly. Since the new company took over ownership well you know what it took .. almost a month to get the carpet steam cleaned from where our dishwasher over flowed. Both my roommate and I heard the guys say it was the pump in the dishwasher and we both heard them tell us not to use it till they got it replaced. (That story changed and was denied with lies in front of the new apartment manager Teresa, why I dont really know other than butt covering when you have screwed up is important enough to lie about, I guess.) They never did and it took till today to get the steam cleaning done. At least it is now.

Staff- All the staff in the office has always been friendly. One of those situations where they will smile and nod yes Sir and no Sir you while they screw you .. We have had more than one experience with a maint, man wanting to cut us short or feed us a line of crap. Honesty I would say is an issue here.

Overall- POOR is my overall rating but it beats a cardboard box. If you can afford 1500.00 a month take your business elsewhere and get something newer. If you cant swing but 1,000 a month you may well be our new neighbors. Just make sure you strap yourself in tight because you never know around here and it is going to be a bumpy ride. UNLESS you get lucky enough to be in one of the newer buildings or one of the renovated apartments which we were'nt.

8/18/2012- Black mold found.
Had a few articles of clothing fall behind the dryer unit last night and in the process of picking them up as I looked over the back of the dryer to the flooring behind and under the laminated flooring I found a rather disturbing sight. I will be eliminating a couple of the pictures previously posted to show you what it looks like.

Also, came across a rather interesting idea that might in fact help us get our issues fixed while helping you who are considering living here. "Open House" I am retired and spend most of my time at home. If you want to see the reality of Millpond apartments you are more than welcome to contact me via email I will gladly arrange a time with you to show and walk through my apartment. Did my first walk through today as a matter of fact.( If you know any health inspectors please send them my way.)

9/19/2012- To the second anonymous poster. Not that I feel my financial reasons for staying are any of your business, I will none the less play along with your charade. I am a retired and disabled Vet. simply put, cant afford to move. Though we are saving as fast as we can. Now, you have asked your question and I have answered so let me ask you two in return. Why would you find a need to comment in an unnamed and anonymous manner why not be forthright as to who you are and your motivations for asking such a question? Secondly, Do you assume simply because I am dissatisfied I should allow it to continue either to myself or to others but just shutting up and moving out?

9/19/2012- Roommate received phone call from Millpond she asked if I could find out what they needed as she was in a meeting. I called and spoke with Teresa new apartment manager who asked what issues were current in our apartment that needed fixing. I said well there is the dishwasher tub in bathroom isnt draining. Other than that will have to ask chelle. Teresa then commented "well since you are the one posting on apartmentratings.com I would have thought you would know." Well Teresa you can read honey you can see the pictures. We have just gotten to the point where we assume it wont be fixed and the headaches of angst at dealing with surly retorts either from management or staff just aren't worth it. However, if you are genuine in getting all our issues fixed I will be more than happy to report honestly and in a forthright manner here on apartmentratings.com glad to know you guys are reading along though.

9/19/2012 4:22 pm- Just called Teresa back after getting my thoughts together gave her a list and she said she would get the work orders in. While I have a cautious wait and see attitude I am impressed. In fact after the repairs happen I may just have to come back and change a few things in my review and ratings.

9/20/2012- 9:55 am- I am notably impressed. Randy the Maint. man has arrived. He is friendly, concerned and respectfully reassuring. He has listened to my concerns and not placed blame on myself or my roommate or sought to make excuses for the existing issues. I have pointed out the various issues, he smiled and said "lots to be done" and he is on the job as I type. Cudos to Legend, Randy and Teresa (complex manager) at this point. Time to hold up my end of things and make a few changes in my reviews and ratings. IF this is the standard of service Legend is seeking to maintain and offer its occupants on a daily basis they and Millpond have my recommendation as a suitable place to live. I will amend my review further with pictures of repairs as they occur.

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First off, to call me an internet bully is so far from the truth. Just because I told you MY OPINION ON AN OPEN SITE makes me a bully? NO dear you calling me a "GUTLESS COWARD" makes you the BULLY. So you would rather "STICK" around in such bad conditions for so long (although good to know your management issues have improved) but according to you, the conditions were so bad. Makes me think that you were no doubt one of those renters who are late with their payments and the new managment probably put a stop to that , and that is where all the negitive of the apartment complex comes from. hahaha so maybe you should go back to the south. I mean if it was so great there with cost and land as you say. You move to aa co in an apt that you stated was "bad for your health" and from the looks of your last post you are still there. I doubt you had so much "land" and a house in the south. If you did, it was your parents house. On another note I'm neither a coward or from your management team. Again, no reason for you to know me other than to make you see that when you voice YOUR opinion, others like myself WILL VOICE THEIRS. :-D
Anonymous, It has been some time since I have been back to this site, I saw that a new review had been posted so I came by the read what a new renter had to say and I find this dribble from you. First off you write anonymously for 2 reasons, 1. You are a gutless coward who can, and 2. You are a member of the management team here at Millpond. As far as my communication skills go I do fine both in person and here in these forums which I do so without the veiling cloak of cowardice writing anonymously provides. Easy to fancy yourself an internet bully when there are no Consequences either personal nor professional to your actions. Some people might opt to turn tail and step away from a situation they do not enjoy in order to find cheaper and even less healthy options and then some of us "stick" and have the fortitude, guts, stubborn streak, courage to make things better through words or action as it were. Cheaper options out there? Perhaps, but cheaper means more issues, worsening conditions, more crime etc. I came here from the south and went from $500.00 a month for a 2 bedroom 1 bath house with fireplace and 1 acre of land with fenced in back yard. I am not willing to let my standards slide any further than they have in living here. That said, Millpond has improved under the management of our new team. We are seeing improvements on a week to week month to month basis. They drop the ball here and there but overall we are seeing changes we are pleased with.
So, to answer your question, i write anonymously ...because i can! There is no reason for you to "know" me. I get that you're a retired vet and such, however there are plenty of Cheaper Apartments in AA County. I know because i was looking all around for an apartment when i came across this. I will also say that after reading your last statement that is very obvious you are a person who can NOT communicate well face to face and that is why you are on here. Isn't your health important enough to MOVE?? Like i said, if it was as bad as you're saying, you would find a cheaper apartment (they are out there and some fairly nice) and MOVE. ALSO....you stated "dissatisfied I should allow it to continue either to myself or to others but just shutting up and moving out?"....um YES if it is really bothering your HEALTH!!! Which obviously not if your still there!
You can post your review on here too. This is the new website for the management company. http://www.rentmillpond.com/Apartments/module/prospect_rati

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