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Redbank Village Apartments
62 Macarthur Circle E, South Portland, ME 04106
4 User Responses

This property is the worst to live for. I am a father of three, lived in the community for a year and a half... and the only reason I lived there is becuase I could not afford much more. This community presents itself as a nice community with lots of rules and regulations that keep the area safe and clean. This by far is the worst lie. The apartments are OLD and at first glance with fresh paint and lighting appear to be nice... these are run down units with nice looking features... they company only replaces what it HAS to to charge the amount they do.. after a huge bug problem and several complaints to district office, being hung up on by maintnence manager "mark" and then being assulted on their property. My family was evicted two weeks after this and the problem was finaly taken care of. but due to us creating a problem for them we now are being made homeless by this company I would by far not recommend this comapany if you are coming for the cost keep looking you will for sure not regret it.

the reason the rent was a good rate was only becuase "Della" the wonderful office staff decided to not tell us about needing this "renters insurance" until the day before we moved in.. clearly we complained and their way of making it right was to discount for the year... clearly that back fired when two months later we have this bug issue and are now a week away from being homeless... pine tree legal says "they have the right"
Our rent was very high as well, $937, which is definitely much more than the apartment is worth. I can't wait to move out, 1 more month!
So the apartments are old and you had a bug problem, not to shabby sounds like the assault was a product of your residency if you got evicted. The matience workers are not exactly great i agree. Getting any work order through is a huge hassel, never know when theyll show. I dont know how much your rent was but I dont think redbank is cheap. But with their pricing your rent couldve been 600 and your neighbor could be at 1100.
Yes exactly, our rent was not cheap at all, $975 but we are out of there now thank God. Read my review of the place, it is in the list of reviews entitled "Management does very little, constant barking dogs."

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