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Beacon Hill Apartments
2617 Beacon Hill Drive, Auburn Hills, MI 48326
3 User Responses
Manager Response

I signed a two years contract and at the beginning I thought I was the best place ever!

I had issues with my Air condition in the summer and thier maintanence come and fix it, and next day the problem returned, It happened more than five times ( that took place within 2 months )till the weather became nice. so never fixed because they don't want to pay for new unit..

My nighbor's bath had a leak and came through my apartment and damajed my stuff..

One worker called -----, Charged me $45 by accedent for garbage bag that was for my nighbor and never removed it from my account !

I cleaned my apartment really well before leaving and just got $90 from deposit from $600 for cleaning carpet!!

I don't really recommend living there to be honest mostly because the workerd had some issues,

07/22/15Manager Response
Good afternoon, I have been going over past reviews from previous management, which assists us in making sure we are addressing all current and pasts issues accordingly to better service our clients and improve our community. We took over management March 2014 and have strived to improve the community daily, with interior and exterior renovations, file clean-up, client follow-up and insuring all residents are treated equally and are able to utilize their rights to quiet and peaceful enjoyment in their home. If you still reside at Beacon Hill, should you experience any unfortunate issues, maintenance requests or have suggestions, please submit a service ticket at our website bhapts.com. If you no longer reside at Beacon Hill, we invite you for a tour with our new staff and updated units and have a chance to experience us again. Thank you again for your message and patience. We try our best to address all questions and concerns accordingly. Kindest regards, Marjory Elzerman, COS, ARM Regional Property Manager
I agree! this is the worst place to live ever!!! My room is infested with bugs and inspects and someone sprayed it and it did not get better. no one has addressed my concerns. the lady at the front is the rudest person i met. its like I'm doing her a HUGE favor by living there. if i ever come in to pay, she doesn't even smile and be like "thank you" it is so unprofessional. i sent an email and still no response- its been weeks. my AC does not work. i have a bug problem. i hear cops outside all the time. i don't feel safe there. if i didn't sign a 2 year lease i would run out of there so fast! WORST MANAGEMENT EVER!
Funny how Beacon Hill Management only addresses issues once they're made public. This complex was the place to live back in the day. It's a shame what they did to it. There's plenty of other nice places in Auburn Hills. Some even give you free heat and water - unlike Beacon Hill who PROFITS off your water use. How they're able to re-sell city water is beyond me.
Unfortunately we can't help you without more information. Please call 248-373-5080 to set up an appointment today. Our office is open 7 days a week to assist you. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your concerns. Respectfully, Beacon Hill Management

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