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West Wind Apartments
808 W Front Street, Buchanan, MI 49107
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Been living at West Winds apartments for around a year now, and I would not recommend living here. The overall condition of the apartment is poor. They are very poorly maintained and never updated. The windows are older windows that are barely functional, which create a nasty draft in the winter. Coupled with the fact there is practically no insulation in the walls, you can expect a high heating and gas bill living here. Mine is over 200.00 a month... for a 2 bedroom.

When we obtained the apartment there was not new carpet down, and there was stains visible all across the carpeting. The bathroom vanity was in miserable shape, along with several other things that should have been taken care of. Another thing is the shape of the utilities. All of the utilities look like they are from the 70's, and hardly work. You can expect the dish washer you pay 5.00 extra a month for to adequately warm your dishes, and that is about all. The fridge and freezer combo was also of similar quality. There was very few usable shelves because they all were broken, and still to date we have to 'balance' things in our fridge in order to get the shelf to stay level.

Speaking of plowing, expect a horrid maintenance job unless there is a snow storm, and they 'have' to plow. Even then they never salt the parking lots. Expect some nights during winter of being woken due to your neighbors trying to get through the parking lot and park their cars. One time the parking lot was so icy and horrible that one neighbor had to park closer to the entrance and walk a good distance to get to their apartment. Parking lot maintenance has been an unorganized nightmare while living here.

Yet another issue I have with West Winds is the poor condition of the stairs. One time while walking up the stairs I tripped because one of the steps was not nailed in. The step could actually be pulled away, and was just laying there. One could only imagine what would could happen if one was to give way on the 2nd or 3rd story, which are of equal condition. At the top of the stairs on the 3rd floor there is nails protruding out of the ceiling. No one has bothered to board them up, instead they sit there exposed approximately 8-9" above ones head. Don't jump!

The only advantages that I could see to living here would be the price, and the friendly staff. Prices of apartments are unfortunately extremely good compared to other local apartment complexes of similar quality. Unfortunately, when looking to rent in Buchanan, the 'other' complexes were even worse. One smelled like dead fish, the other had so much cigarette smoke in the hallway that as a smoker I couldn't stand it. Also, the maintenance and office staff are always very helpful and courteous at West Winds. They will try their best to make right and fix whatever needs fixed. Unfortunately, I think the root of problems stemming from West Wind's is the higher management, who refuse to spend money on updating and maintaining their apartments.

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