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3 User Responses

This apartment complex is seriously the worst one i have had the displeasure of living in. From the PAPER-THIN WALLS and CEILINGS, to the LACK of PARKING...Or the "Yeah, what ever!" additude of the managment...or the not so aperant Segregation based on your sterotype.

With corners cut, well, in every corner of the construction, and poor pest control-I can only talk positive about the rent. For the Clarkston area the price isn't all that bad...but even that was too good to be true, they just sent me a notice of a rent increase.

I have the worst neighbors. I have filed countless unanswered complaints...as matter of fact, I have dropped another one off with my rent today. I work 2 jobs and go to school full time...and sleep is precious. I cannot wait to move so i can enjoy a full nights rest.

Two final notes...if you decide to move here; good luck with moving in your furniture. Ecspecially if you are on the 3rd floor. And I hope you enjoy paying WAY too much for some basement run cable company out of New Jersey...NO COMCAST, CHARTER, WOW, or ATT....Basic cable(with like no channels) internet will set you back 80-ish/month. only an average of >700kbps bandwidth.

AMEN!!! I see nothing has changed since our nightmare in 2004! This complex is the 'Hole of Clarkston'
Yeah, this place is awful. I am surprised you didn't mention the horrid stench there though. I still don't understand why an apartment complex needs horse stables.

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