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Georgetown Commons
19345 Gaynon Drive, Clinton Township, MI 48035
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These people who are complaining about the conditions and the lazy people working here are free loaders living with their mommies, or should I say living off their mommies. If the conditions are so bad, just move out! Or you cant, because you are a loser and live for free off your mom and dad. You say this this place is full of felones and drug dealers. The only way you would know that is because its you! Oops, just ratted yourself out! I know its you because you say they dont really bother you, if thats true then why are you complaining about them? Hint to land lord, call the cops on the brother selling drugs, its the brother who lives with his mom or sister and sits on the porch all day. To the brother, may if you ask the owner real nice he will convert the tennis court into some basketball hoops! lol.

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