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The Lofts at Rivertown
6533 East Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207
2 User Responses

I have lived here nearly seven years and have been impressed by so many aspects of this building and community. Sure, I've had a few issues, but all-in-all over seven years that's nothing compared to everything I've enjoyed. The Lofts at Rivertown are very safe and secure. Our condo association is top notch - educated, communicative, fair, intelligent and on the ball. I feel so lucky to have them, especially during the foreclosure crisis. They acted responsibly to weather the storm and minimize hardship. I love this place and I'm sure you will too, if you decide to live here!

User photo uploaded on 02/05/2010
Thank you for the great response! I'm going to look at a unit this week in th building. Sorry to say your's in slightly out of my price range, but i suppose any unit in such a great building is worth it. My only other question is about the monthly association fees. The listing company really didn't have much information for me about them. Do the monthly fees cover anything but maintaining the property? For $395 a month i would hope at lease utilities are covered. Also do they have a tendancy to bill you on bug assessments like new updates and construction costs? I'm really hoping this is a nice unit....I was looking at a 4th loor bi level but it sold so i might settle for one available on the ground floor. Who knows! thanks again!!
You're absolutely right. I am moving to a house in Detroit. This is because I've been out of work for two years and one month and can no longer afford to live here. I don't want to leave, but that's how it has to be. I would highly recommend this building (or another loft community- a really good one, not just one of the ones they built to capitalize on the "loft" keyword) for someone just moving to the city from the burbs. That was me seven years ago and I felt the transition was pretty easy. Had I moved to a house then I imagine it would have been difficult, but that's just me. But yes, to answer your question, I'm very satisfied with everything here and will be sad to leave. Good luck moving to Detroit - it's really amazing here. Just give yourself a little time to adjust where you buy things and it'll work out better than you could have imagined. =]

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