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Central Park Place
2875 Central Park Way North East, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
1 User Response

I lived at Central Park Place from 2005 to 2007. We only did a second lease when plans to buy a house fell through. When we first signed we were told how quiet the place was and how great maintenance is...well we were located right next to the highway and would regularly wake up to the lights of the speed trap outside. It was so loud that we never spent time outside of our apartment. It also took them 1.5 YEARS to fix our toilet. It constantly would clog for no reason and the kicker was when I was told that they come every time we called, even though I had just been told by a maintenance guy that he couldn't come twice in a weekend without approval. I threatened to leave and they FINALLY called a plumber to find that there was indeed a problem that could not be fixed by snaking the toilet all the time, it actually made it worse.

They are great at fixing with band-aids! The floor of our shower was cracked when we moved in and it was fixed, well it cracked again and got another band-aid. One month later I was going through our closet to find mold all over the floor and wall, thank god nothing was on the floor! Their solution was to use some scrap drywall and replace the carpet just in the closet that didn't even match the rest of it...since the carpet was well stained and dingy from the last tenants.

The location of the place is great, but people would regularly use your carport that was placed ridiculously far away from you apartment over plowed ice. The manager who was there when we moved in could care less about any of your complaints. The only nice thing is that the neighbors were relatively quiet in my building. Of course, I did have my car keyed 3 weeks after buying it. I would never live there again. We paid $670 for our place and they were upping our rent $50 a month due to some "improvements" to the property, I have no idea what they were referring to. Oh and you have to pay for sewer, trash, and water...and the water bill is split up among the apartments in your building. Meaning that I could have the same bill as a family of 4 when it was just the two of us. It was a rip off.

So if you want to throw away a lot of money for nothing, then this is the perfect fit for you!

Not to mention how many times the power went out last summer. The surprising thing was we got our deposit back when we figured they'd just keep it for whatever reason they could come up with.

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