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Dover Hills Apartments
4520 Dover Hills Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
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Ripped Off - I have lived in these apartments for two years now. My roommate and I moved in to get away from all of the college, party complexes. Initially their prices were too high so we moved on in the search for another complex, but eventually we got a call from them telling us they would lower their price. Excited, we signed on for a year. The first year was okay other than our refrigerator and dishwasher not working properly. The maintenance guys did stop bye a couple of times, but the dishwasher, after two years, still doesn't clean dishes. It's after the first year when they really start treating you well.......... My roommate after 9 months or so, headed to California for boot camp in the United States Marines. He left me enough money for rent while he was gone and we checked with the office to make sure we could re-sign the lease while he was back for a week between boot camp and training. Two weeks prior to him coming home for a week, I received our lease agreement for the re-signing. I was extremely surprised when I read our rent had been bumped up $150 a month. When I called about it they told me we had received a "first year special" and that our rent was being moved up to the "Market Price". I had no way of preparing my roommate before he got home and we had to make a decision when he got back. Neither of us could afford the "Market Price" and we made that very evident to them, but they "weren't willing to budge". We signed a 3 month lease because we had no place to go and some how scrounged up the money to make it through. During that three months I started looking for other places because there was NO way we could afford to keep living there. When I called to let them know we were going to move when our lease was up, they said they could cut a deal where we would pay Summer Rates . These rates were substantially lower than any rate we had gotten and when the math came out, we were paying around the same price. We again signed another lease reluctant to have to move due to my roommate being in training. Two weeks ago we were offered a Special Deal if we resigned our lease before the first of this year. The funny thing was, the price was again $150 over the price we were initially paying. I put a call into their corporate manager who really could care less about the issue. Also if you do move into this complex, pay rent early!! They ask it by the first of every month. This year the new year fell on a Sunday and because of this their office was not open on the first or the second....(neither were the banks). I brought my rent check in on the third when the banks as well as Dover Hills Opened. Dover Hills was nice enough to charge me a 75 dollar late fee. These people are out for money and really do not care for their residents. My apartment constantly smells of marijuana after some recent residents moved in and nothing seems to work. 6 Months ago, My vintage moped was stolen out of my carport. The models look NOTHING like the actual apartments and their "awesome hot tub/ sauna" NEVER WORKS. If you are considering this place I implore you to look elsewhere.

Last Updated: 01/06/12

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