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Westfield Club

7500 Chapel Hill Drive, Lansing, MI 48917
% Recommended
City Average

This was a nice enough place, before ALL the staff was replaced. Short version - VERY average for the area, not a good value for the money, and prone to "market conditions" price hikes - while advertising a much lower rates.… Full Review ▶


Westfield club is probably one of the worst places I've had the experience of renting. When we were first inquiring to rent there, the people in the office seem so nice and genuine, so quick to respond to our inquiries. As… Full Review ▶


This place is God-awful. If you're white trash (or enjoy living around WT) then these apartments are for you! I lived here during college and it was terrible. The walls/floors/ceilings are paper thin so you can hear everything your white trash… Full Review ▶


I have a spacious 3bedroom 2bath apartment and I absolutely love it! The office staff is very nice & knowledgable of the residents I also have very friendly neighbors! I have been living here since 2009 and I dont plan on… Full Review ▶


this place is NOT!!!! ONE I would recommend BLACK MOLD! poorly insulated hallways are FILTHY! lot of unsepervised kids running around Full Review ▶


I'm about to start my third year living at Westfield Club, I love it here! The office staff (Jaylynn and Judy) are helpful and prompt with any and all requests or concerns. They have made many improvements to the complex over… Full Review ▶


Awesome apartment and awesome people! Jaylyn and Judy have helped us out so much even before we were moved in. They were friendly and always remembered our names. I cannot say enough about how at home we felt! I have a… Full Review ▶


love it here judy showed me and my husband the apt. she made us feel so at home and the manager jaylynn jumped right in and maded us feel more welcome and we said were home again. Full Review ▶


I have children so I am not bashing kids but the pre-teens/teenagers swear and yell and hang out in the front of buildings till all hours of the night. Makes it hard when your balcony door is open to even watch… Full Review ▶


Update: I can no longer in good conscience recommend this as a place to live. The management changed shortly after the previous review was written, and everything slid downhill enough that we moved out. They now have ridiculous rules, such as… Full Review ▶


As of late the Apartment Manager finds it necessary to leave threatening notes either in the apartment doors On car windshields or taped neon the common entryway threatening to add charges to our accounts if the paint and concrete work is… Full Review ▶


Because there are many old reviews about Westfield Club that I feel are obviously outdated, I would like to share my experiences. Since leasing with Westfield Club in May 2009, we have not had any major problems with our apartment. In… Full Review ▶


I would not recommend living here to anyone! There are loud and inconsiderate residents who make coming home almost unbearable. Loitering by disrespectful profanity spewing pre-teens and teenagers seems to be the norm at times. I have complained to management, called… Full Review ▶


To be fair I did like some of the managers. However, we had constant problems with fixtures falling apart and quickly made friends with the maintenance people. One time we lost over $400 worth of food because maintenance kept trying to… Full Review ▶


The manager that left last year to move out of state was the best manager they had. She didn't put up with all the trashy people here that would lie to try and get out of paying their rent on time.… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for 3 years now. There have been a couple maintenance issues that were eventually soved, but now everything is better. There have been a lot of different people in the office, but they have people up there that… Full Review ▶


This is far and beyond the worst apartment I have ever rented. The noise from the apartment above me is unbearable and I am breaking my lease because of it. I have called the police, spoken to management, and asked my… Full Review ▶


I could live next a bunch of rich kids and people who drive hummers, but what fun would that be? Best place in Lansing to live, and I've been in a few. Full Review ▶


You wonder why I am still disgruntled? Because you screwed me out of $1500, lied to me, and then lied in your review. It is a fact that I did move out on my own accord, 2 months early at that.… Full Review ▶


In reference to the 'Anonymous' email received on 10/29/06 regarding Westfield Club Apartments, it must be noted that this particular 'Anonymous' former resident was not an honest or trustworthy resident and, therefore, did not move off of the property on their… Full Review ▶


Do not live here if you are higher class. This community is filled with nothing but white trash. Including the staff. I signed a lease here not knowing that and hated it the whole time I lived there. Was never told… Full Review ▶


I lived here a few years ago, and the only reason I moved was because I had a roomate who was leaving, so I couldnt afford it by myself. I had a great experience, so I am coming back. Always alot… Full Review ▶


Roads and parking lots are horrible. Road and parking lots were never paved correctly...holes, etc. No assigned parking and you have to fight for a spot...other people in nearby units take your available parking spots if it is easier for them.… Full Review ▶


We first started at a one bedroom. We had noisy neighboors up stairs-always playing loud music. Then we moved to a two bedroom because we had a baby. Well those neighboors upstairs were noisy too with surround sound tv. Management did… Full Review ▶


I have been living here four years. In the beginning there was some difficult communication with the old manager. Trouble with charges, regarding how much rent was owed, not letting you know for month after that you had charges, then late… Full Review ▶


I just recently moved into the WFC... and I wasnt there a week when maintenance came into my apartment and broke something, that can't be replaced, they entered my BEDROOM when the work I requested was for in my BATHROOM AND… Full Review ▶


This apartment sucks. You have to make very little to move in but after that you can make as much as you want (as long as you are ot a student)Hi isn't cheating the government illegal? the aparment suck and the… Full Review ▶


i love living here. anytime things have broken, they fix it by the next day. i never hear any noise. the complex is always clean. they are always doing upkeep work on the complex. they do a childrens after school program.… Full Review ▶


I never lived here, but I had an unpleasant experience trying to. I went to this place looking for a nice place to live, and went through the apartment looking at it and everything. Well we dealt with this woman named… Full Review ▶


I have been living at WC for a few months now...and I like it here. I came from a different complex in Lansing...and this is 100 times better. There are kids that play outside...but that's what kids do. You don't really… Full Review ▶


First of all, it should have struck a chord with me when they gave a yearly wage CAP on who could live here. Trash is exactly what they get due to that cap. The apartments themselves are alright. There is plenty… Full Review ▶


When I first saw these apartments, I thought, Full Review ▶


The appearance is great. With a newer look and quiet area. But the management and maintanance is horrible. A light was blown out in the kitchen and it took them over week to come and replace it. i had to use… Full Review ▶


We lived there for a year. Absolutely loved the apartment, the management left a lot to be desired. Maintenance was never available to fix anything. Had to file a report with Cosumers Energy in order for them to fix the gas… Full Review ▶


I lived here for three years and at first when the other manager was in place it ran pretty smoothly but now they have a gal named terri and she is the worst. Nothing ever got fixed, staff was always changing… Full Review ▶


maintanence staff does not respond well to your requests. it took management two months to fix my dryer that i was renting. the grounds are kept poorly. my oven has broken twice. and the office staff does not respond to your… Full Review ▶


First off....the apartments are fairly new, they all have berber carpeting. Nice patios, kitchens etc. The noise level is fairly low...nice access to I-96/69. Close to restaraunts, grocery stores, and dept. stores. Very friendly staff, the pool is a little small,… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
11 $ 1006
21.5 $ 939
22 $ 1028
32 $ 1050


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  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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