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Chocolay Shores
203 Hotel Place, Marquette, MI 49855
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It's an okay place to live if you're not looking for anything fancy. The apartments are old and small, but they get the job done. It seems like the majority of the tenants are either unemployed or on disability, but are all good people from the few I've met. I've lived there for a year now and I've got really no problems for the most part, other than the dated apartments themselves (such as no three-pronged outlets in the entire place, junky panelling walls, poor construction, slopping cutting of boards, etc). If you're near the road, the bar across the street can get a little noisy at times, but the majority of the complex would be too far away to be distracted by it, although on weekend nights the people outside the bar smoking get a little rowdy, but nothing too bad.

It is right by the Chocolay River and I can actually see the Lake Superior shoreline from my front steps, so I'd recommend trying to get a spot on the river side, as it's really nice to step out in the morning and see ducks, geese, beavers, fish jumping, etc... it's pretty much your own nature movie, which is nice. The landlord/manager (not sure which one) is a cool guy that's almost always around the area and is very quick to help. I've called him a few times about things and he's always been there within 20 minutes.

However, be aware that when I moved in, it was advertised as a 'one-bedroom', when in reality it's a studio apartment with a bedroom/living room combined.

So all in all I would recommend this place to someone who's living alone who doesn't need anybells and whistles and is just interested in a cheap place to stay. The parking lot is pretty dark and the entire lot could use a lot more lighting, but I've never felt 'unsafe' here at all.

The rent is cheap and you get what you pay for, since this is a very economical place. My heat was gas (but some units are electric), and it averages from $11 in summer unused, to about $40 in the middle of winter. And although rent is $190, it's with nothing included, so when you actually get your 'bill', it will range about 230-250 dollars after they include water and electric with moderate use, possibly more if you use a lot of it.

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