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Rivergreen Apartments
17133 Rivergreen Boulevard, Riverview, MI 48192
2 User Responses

I lived in Rivergreen Apartments for 5 to 6 years. The apartments are a good size and the rent is reasonable. (for low-income). The downside is the Management. It seems the manager (Carol) is not professional when it comes to tenants privacy. Management involves other tenants in gossip and in informing residence of where other residence work and what they pay month to month in rent and tenants social affairs. It also seems Management harasses tenants by threaten to evict them if they do not give up information regarding other tenants.

The Management is never open at the time of business or back from lunch in time to open office doors to pay rent to where late fees are/could be added. The people that live there are mostly single mothers with 2 to 3 children. The back apartments seem to have frequent police visits from selling drugs or some type of altercations. It seems Management cares more on gossip then cleaning the trash out. I personally seen on my own occasion that the Manager has put her own family and friends in these apartments before someone who was on the waiting list to get in these apartments.

The Manager was transferred to another complex but unfortunately the manager,Carol, is back and ruining the complex as usual. With alot of hard work and time, I was able to afford to move myself out of there before she came back. If the management would stop picking favorites, then I believe the complex would be a very friendly environment for children and families. Until administrative looks deeper into this matter, I would not recommend these apartments to anyone.

Last Updated: 08/28/10
i agree 100 percent!!!!!
I agree, she tries to make friends instead of doing her job, she gossips about everyone!!!!!

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