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Hello everyone, Could you all please tell me how the utilies are billed. From my understanding, you are charged seperately and it varies. Can someone please give me a general idea of how the gas and water is factored into rent? I am asking here because I know you all will not sugar coat it.
Thank You

its charged to the tenants with a factor of how big the apt is and how many people you have living there. I have a 2 br and live alone, and I have never been charged more than 60/month (both combined). I enjoy it actually, i never have to worry about how long the shower is running or how many times i do shower.
honey you need to run, this owner never pays the vacant units or the laundry rooms and halls. he take the total bill and divides it amoung the occuppied units. your gas bill right now will be over $115.00 a month and you know you dont use that much heat. he does the same with water, he never pays the water from the laundry and watch out for the summer he fills the pool and charges it to the occupied units. An owner should pay his own gas for the vacant units, the office the club house and the halls of the buildings he does not he charges it all to the residents.

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