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Georgetown on the River
5750 East River Road, Fridley, MN 55432
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THankfully i did not sign a lease with this ------ property, but unfortunately i had to put a deposit down when i initially applied during my tour. Little did i know that i would NEVER see that money again, even if i did NOT sign a lease. THIS PLACE IS SO BAD that his own leasing agent, Laurie, commented on how often he is in court dealing with tenant issues. "Harvey Filister is in court dealing with tenant legal cases at least once per month." THAT'S NOT GOOD IF YOUR LEASING AGENT IS SAYING THAT!!

After years of renting, i have never been more diappointed than i have by Harvey Filister. A simple phone call to ask a question, resulted in him verbally attacking me, insulting me and hanging up. It's one thing if i was a -----, but in this case i didnt even get a chance to say more than a few words before he interrupted me. I kept calm, did not raise my voice and he was extremely RUDE! The leasing agent i worked with only answered my questions the day of applying. After that, i was directed to the managers, well it turns out the managers dont answer any questions.....they only transfer you to Harvey...EVERYTIME! So when i called back to finish the conversation that he rudely hung up on, he picked up the phone, saw my name on the caller ID and said "how dare you call back when i gave you an answer. I told you no!" and he hung up again.

To anyone unfortunate enough to rent from Filister Enterprises: Daughter & son-in-law signed 6-mo. lease. After move-in, discovered bathtub would back up with filthy water (contaminated with debris, food particles, and yuck) each time upstairs ran water, prompting quick escape to wait for tub to drain and then disinfecting before resuming (sometimes baby was left shivering in towel with shampoo in hair). Requests for service met with statements like: ?We snaked your drain; line is clear.? 3 mo. later, tub backed up in middle of night flooding hallway and portions of every room! Mgmt extracted some water with suction vac, pulled back some carpet and brought in large fan?soaked padding not removed. In 2 to 3 days, place began to stink and mold grew up walls of all affected areas. Mgmt uncooperative so tenant used Legal Aid for assistance (they are very familiar with Filister). Each time Legal Aid sent notice, Filister only fulfilled part of repair, requiring more letters, and so on. (Other deficiencies besides severe mold.) Filister?s people would show up unannounced, come in when tenants not home, and were no-shows at scheduled times. Repairs never finished. Timely 30-day written notice given by tenant. (Beware if notice not timely and in writing; Filister?s leases automatically renew, with no recourse to tenant.) During last month, mgmt tried to show apt with less than 5 minutes? notice on Monday morning. Tenant politely refused entry due to lack of ?reasonable notice,? and Filister himself left a phone message threatening to sue her. Bottom line: Filister broke law on numerous occasions. Tenant filed small claims suit and was well prepared, with photos, facts about mold infestation, ltr from dr about family getting sick from mold, and detailed timeline (date, time, who, what and where). At hearing, magistrate sent everyone in the courtroom into the hall to talk settlement with ?neutrals?. (Half settled.) Filister, proved himself to be the ultimate bully. I can?t repeat things he said right up into our faces, and neutrals were powerless to do anything about verbal abuse. Once he saw how well prepared tenant was, he stormed off. The hearing was a joke. Tenant requested permission to read written notes. Magistrate said no and said, ?Did you pay your rent?? This had nothing to do with payments, but yes, she paid every month, on time! Magistrate never got past flooding and down to mold issues. Decision merely awarded $45.00 Filister illegally charges tenants for ?final walk-through administration fees? (this is absolutely illegal), plus reimbursement of court fee.Tenant did not give up, and removed to trial court. Trial several months wait, but worth it. When judge saw well-prepared tenant, he took time to go through entire timeline to get everything entered into record as testimony. Filister asked to settle for $700.00?tenant rejected. Tenant needed day in court. Well, Filister was absolute caricature: made fun of tenant's name, interrupted, and berated tenant on the stand proving himself to be childish bully. He sat directly across table from us and each time judge looked away, would lean across and glare menacingly-we never gave him satisfaction of looking at him. His staff of minions lied, and were overheard making nasty comments. Tenant remained polite, stuck to the facts, and judge commented on our amazing restraint. Judge allowed tenant to play the threatening phone message.) Took all day.Court awarded over $1,700.Tenant realized she forgot to counter the lies about her never allowing entry. With exception of the ?less than 5 minutes? notice, she never once refused entry. Had she remembered to state this fact, award could have been for entire 6 mo. Know your rights. Pertinent MN statutes found in Sec 504A & 504B: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=504. Mr. Filister, examine your heart, and start doing the right thing. No one should have to live in fear in their own home.

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