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Mankato Tower Apartments

115 Echo Street, Mankato, MN 56001
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Now that the elevator is done, it's all nice and good. Good place to live. No complaints. Staying more years. Full Review ▶


I lived at Mankato Tower Apartments several years until recently. I am happy to put a good review on because it was a great place for me to live. The place was clean and pretty when I moved in and I… Full Review ▶


I've lived at Mankato Tower Apartments for years. I know the person who put the last 2 reviews on and I saw how they left their place. Oh boy! I am sorry that they decided to put bad reviews on. Yes,… Full Review ▶


I lived at Mankato Tower for three years. I had black mold eat through my ceiling on two separate occasions and it required me to purchase a new mattress. The pool was broken for a year and they refused to pay… Full Review ▶


There are many reasons as to why I would not recommend living here. Number one would be the manager, ----. He is extremely extremely rude and does not care about any person that lives in this building. He is very untrustworthy,… Full Review ▶


Our "luxury" apartment building just put a chain and padlock around the area where the grills are. So, lets get this straight. EVERYWHERE, even on the sign out front, you advertise as "living the life of luxury" here. Lets make a… Full Review ▶


here we go again our best manager we have ever had is no longer with us! last time he left we had 10 to 14 managers in a little over a year.and ended up with 30 empty apartments. The pool will… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I would highly recommend living here at Mankato Tower's. My mother moved here in July after losing her husband and was forced to sell her home.Jeff has went way out of his way to make her feel comfortable and to feel… Full Review ▶


i have lived here for a few years now and have enjoyed it. jeff was the manager when i moved in,he left for a while and there where several different managers while he was gone,he has returned and since he has… Full Review ▶


I would highly recommend Mankato Towers to my friends. I was a recent widow and had to sell my house and look for an apartment. I have not rented an apartment in 40 years so I was leery about where I… Full Review ▶

Resident newest article released march 19 2012, owners need to get on track before business goes bankrupt. Full Review ▶


Moved in last fall to a pretty redone apartment. Really like it alot. Happy we moved here. Have recommended it to friends too. Nice peopl. The people who live here are nice too. Some of our neighbors have been here for… Full Review ▶


Funny how the previous 3 reviews complain of a single "bad" person posting the multiple "bad" reviews...but yet, those 3 themselves, are all strangely similar.... hmmmm Take that for what you will. Side note: if you like breathing in second hand… Full Review ▶


We like living here and so do a lot of other people who live here. This IS a good place to live. We are not going to let one bad person spoil it for everyone. As we said: We ve been… Full Review ▶


I've lived here a while and it suits my needs. In reading some of this stuff here, I was surprized to see a lot of the negative stuff being put on one person multiple times and who seems to be doing… Full Review ▶


We ve been here a long time and yes, this summer has been difficult BUT it wasn't just this apartment. It was all the apartments all over Mankato that had the same problems because of the unusual high heat. It was… Full Review ▶


Not only has ------- Properties repeatedly ignored tenent complaints and concerns about the condition of the building (including not repairing things that they promise to repair in the lease or addressing mold problems until AFTER the city had to be called… Full Review ▶


My wife and I lived there for a number of years. We were very happy there. Our friends who still live there, say that the owner's son and his wife are working on the property even over the labor day weekend… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for many years and the owners care and try hard to make a nice place. It is good to see the owner back here working so hard personally to get the things done that weren't done well recently.… Full Review ▶


my husband and i lived there for a year. Within that year, we had 6 managers (that i knew of), some only lasted a few days. I wish I would have known all the bad things before we moved in. The… Full Review ▶


Don't even think about moving here! The Mankato Fire Department was here and found the majority of apartments had serious mold problems. The swimming pool isn't open but is partially filled with black water and leaves. Gross! This is your view… Full Review ▶


I have read all the reviews that have been getting posted, I feel that Mankato towers is covering up for the lack of care that they have for their building now. At one time these were probably one of the best… Full Review ▶


We are happy here. There are very nice people living here. We are happy with our apartment. It was very nice when we moved in. There is a nice party room. Our neighbors have a garden plot in back and we… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

After viewing the apt I filled out the forms for a backround check and gave them money to process the backround checks. Two days later I get a call saying they have a problem with the availability. So I called back… Full Review ▶


I lived at Mankato Towers for 2 years and did not regret it once. The only reason I moved out was because I moved out of state. Like some other reviews have mentioned, we did have a problem with a leaking… Full Review ▶


I have many friends here. There is a nice social room we enjoy for cards and get togethers. My nieghbors and friends are nice. The owners are nice. They put in garden plots for us to plant flowers or vegetables and… Full Review ▶


My wife and I have lived here for years. We like it and we like the people. We have good neighbors and the owner and people running this place are very good. They take care of things. We couldn't find a… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Mankato Tower Apartments for two years. The size, quality and friendliness is the best I have ever seen. Full Review ▶


This place is terrible. it looked nice on first inspection but living there was hell. The place has a very old heating n coolin system which would cause the ceilings to leak where the radiator was in the apartment above. I… Full Review ▶


This place is terrible. The owner is a sadist. There has been three grounds managers since I have lived here (less than a year) and the first two have left without giving notice because they can not stand her. Is that… Full Review ▶


I would not recommend renting here, I agree with the other reviews. Horribly slow elevator, outdated styling, bugs everywhere in the apartment, constant water problems (my front entry is constantly wet), AC sucks! Oh and the building owners are emotionally unstable… Full Review ▶


Sucky place to live. Lots of problems with the owners. Ceiling leaked after living there a week and ruined our bed. Had to take them to court which they still have not paid for the court ruling. Having to send the… Full Review ▶


Do not move into this place unless you like to walk the stairs, have the heat on when it is 80 degrees outside, or like to have bugs in your appartment. The elevator is unrelyable, the heating system gets turned on… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 893
11 $ 664
21 $ 936
21.5 $ 820


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Laundry On-Site

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