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Calhoun Towers
3430 List Place, Minneapolis, MN 55416
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I have to give this place 5 stars for alot of reasons. 1) It is quiet, concrete floors and I guess quiet, respectful neighbors. I have been here a year and haven't heard of anyone even complaining about noise. 2) The maintenance staff has been here forever and fix everything immediately and properly. 3) Management is fair, personable, and responsive 3) The units vary alot in height and view and are priced accordingly/fairly. 4) The balconies are huge and you can grill out on them. 5) Parking is never an issue for you or your guests. 6) There is someone staffing the place 24 hours a day with security camera's everywhere 7) Whole Foods, Lake Calhoun, and plenty of restaurants are a 2 minute walk away out a very convenient back delivery entrance/exit 8) Fitness center is unremarkable but has everything you need 9) Free laundry on every floor 10) Underground parking has a car wash in it, with plenty of spaces to lock your bike up too

The only small negative I could think of is that the air conditioning could be turned up higher in the summer and you can pretty much guarantee that your rent will be raised when you decide to renew. For the area, what you get and what you pay for, Calhoun Towers is a great choice.

Last Updated: 05/03/11

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