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Loring Towers
15 East Grant Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403
4 User Responses

DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT rent an apartment from Loring Towers unless you are in dire straits and this is the only place you can get. Cackling crackheads, dopey drug dealers, and pimped out prostitutes, all leaving their stink and other misc things in the elevator. Security when i lived there were rent-a-cop ------ bags who will harass your guests. One tried to make advances to my girlfriend at the time. The elevators would often break down which isn't really a major problem.....unless you live in loring towers where they lock the doors in the stairwells because the vagrants tend to live and smoke crack there. so if you're not in your apt when this happens. be prepared to be stuck with everyone else on the first level or wherever you may be at the time cause you're not going ANYWHERE! The walls were paper thin, I worked the overnight shift and when i would come home to sleep at 8AM I had to deal with the music of my neighbors. It wasn't really very loud in essence, i'm a musician and i understand. It was the fact that the walls were thin and i could hear them sneeze that made it unbearable. It's like they were in the same room with a radio on while i had just finished a 10hr shift. Overdosed people in the hallway, fights, yelling, rude management, uber-rude security, open air drug deals, drunk sweat and crack tears. NOT the place you want to be, and a place you don't want to have to be.

I was by my old stomping grounds (Loring Towers) and I must admit it hasn't changed at all. I was propositioned by four Black guys wanting to know If I would like to be involved with in a gangbang, and to find out I ws the one who would be getting banged if you know what I mean. I wish AIMCO could do something about this. I am angry send these Black People back to Chicago in their own Ghetto Setting
The building is a dump. Aimco doesn't give a crap about the neighborhood and only replaced the management team because of pressure from the city. The place is full of loud, rude and disrespectful asses who could care less and would probably knock you flat out if they could. The good honest folks who live there are so out numbered by poor excuses for humans it's not even funny. It's an embarrassment to the city. It shames me that Minneapolis turns a blind eye to all the people from the convention center who have to walk by it and around the yum yums loitering on the corner.
I agree with everything he says. I live here now and to
Kudos to you. I hate that Aimco Properties even turned this into a family building. What you described made very good sense and there is a lot of truth to it. If I owned this building, I would kick out all the trash, crackheads and the downtown Mommas. I feel like a minority and I am almost tempted to possibly take out a loan and possibly purchase this building and turn it around

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