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Broadmoor Apartments
505 Ellis Boulevard, Jefferson City, MO 65101
1 User Response

I have lived in broadmoor apts for almost a year now and cannot even describe what hell it is to live here! I am a young college student earning my masters and thought this place would be ok to live in but I was WRONG. There are police here every other day and I have seen fights, guns, theft, and lots of arguing creaming and yelling.I have had my car broken into! As an attractive female I do not even feel safe leaving at night-time. The managers are only concerned with money and do nothing to keep this a place for descent people to live. Seriously they call my employer (state of Missouri ) to verify employment but my neighbor who has multiple wrap sheets passed with flying colors. I had to pay a pet deposit of 400 dollars but this is not the same for everyone! Some people get on Sandys good side and the rules do not apply to them. Rent increased 60 dollars a month during my stay which is riddiculus. Loud stereos yelling etc wake me up at least once a night! The laundry mat is horrible I only tried it once. Pool is a hangout for jobless pieces of crap and no respectable people will even use it. Apts are so old cheap and the spiders are huge.

My first biggest problem is that the rules and rental rates are not the same for everyone! One person can have a pitbull another cannot! One person gets evicted after a single complaint and others have been raising hell for months and are still here. Sandra requires pet deposits for some and roomate deposits for some but not all.

My second is the safety! IF your a female and live alone stay the heck outta here! Not to mention that mgmt seems to treat pretty young girls like crap while those living on gov checks are amazing in her eyes!

If they would get a computer and at least search the tenants on case.net it would eliminate a lot of problems!!!!!! I would love for them to come sit in my apt for one night so they could see first hand the type of things that take place here!

I am counting down the days till my freedom from broadmoor apts!

I have to agree with the previous response. Money can buy everything. The man living in 39C has had evictions, convicted of assault, and bad checks...yet his mother pays a full yrs.rent and he can move right on in. Plus the fact he is living in a 2bdrm. at a one bdrm. price. I have not a positive thing to say about Broadmoor apartments

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