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French Quarter East Apartments
808 E 100th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64131
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DO NOT LIVE HERE. Had a great friend become a leasing agent here she filled the apartments up, checked records, etc. The owner David is an absolute hothead who has no care or consideration for anyone but himself. A great example was a tenant moving in and not having his stove or hot water working so naturally he was upset. David is too cheap to hire a maintenance staff so does all the work himself and is only contacted by "emergency" This tenant naturally contacted him and got the response " Do not ever contact this number" as a reply. Then proceeded to scream at the new tenant. He does not adequately repair the units or give a single dam about anything but the first of the month, he bought the apartments online before even seeing them and now is "stuck" with them. Maybe he has changed in the last two months but honestly I am telling you do not rent here if you expect things to work or have a polite and courtesy maintenance staff or owner.

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