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I lived at Maryland Park apartments for 4 1/2 years and just moved out last week. It is a very nice and convenient place to live. The rent is definately one of the more cheaper costs around the area...I should know considering I just moved up the street to a new apartment and rent is $100 more a month! I simply moved because I was ready for a change for my 2 boys, myself and my little one on the way. I do miss how conveniently close EVERYTHING was to home, including the highway and my sons school! Which is unfortunate now because instead of a 5 minute drive up the street to his school it will be a 15 or 20 minute drive since my new places school is off of Olive Road. *sigh* But! I definately recommend it! It is quiet, people keep to themselves, maintenance is very quick overall and precise and the management was always nice...well, at least since Angie became the manager! I won't say too much about the one before her, Carol or whatever her name was, other than she wasn't all that pleasant! :p But overall, I always thought they were pretty helpful. :)

Last Updated: 09/30/12

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