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Fremont Hills Townhomes
Petrus Circle, Ozark, MO 65721
1 User Response

Don't let Brenda Morris fool you. I have lived in these townhomes when they were run by metro then they sold the property to brenda. After she took over everything went down hill. We had a crack in our bathtub that leaked into our livingroom. Finally after 6 months they replaced the tub but never replaced the flooring which now has mold all over. My kids are always getting sick with respiratory problems. Had the health inspector over about 3 weeks ago and they almost condemned this unit. He gave them a whole page of repairs to fix within 30 days and they haven't been here once since then. I have trial with them Tuesday. Cannot wait to get out of this hell hole! Worst landlord I have ever had and I have had some really bad landlords.

We also live at these townhomes and Ive got to say this is a bunch of rubbish. I know this guy and his comments are based on the fact that he is being evicted for non payment of rent. Hmm the health inspector ALMOST condemned this unit...trust me I would have condemned the renter knowing the way they have trashed this home. The toilet alone has been replaced twice because of the toys jammed down it by the 'children'. Sorry but if this guy wants out as quick as he says he should have just left when requested and done his neighbours a big favor. Think about it...the so called health inspector DIDN'T find anything wrong and the court IS evicting him. Good riddence from your neighbours...please get a job and leave SOON

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