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Estes Park
306 North Estes Dr., Carrboro, NC 27510
3 User Responses

Ok No Estes Park is not the 5 star winner but what do you expect for $457.00 a month.They have a good price for an average apartment. I like living her because it is affordable. I have been renting for a while and if you expect the whole works for under $500 a month you are out of your mind. There have been some issues while I have lived here but nothing that the manaagement has not done their best to take care of. The assistant in the office is really helpful and she truly seems as if she cares about the residents here. I have never went into the office and not been greeted by a smile or hello by the manager or his assistant. I have had problems with pest but I have failed to ever call the office and my apartment not be exterminated the same week. I think if you left a bad review it is probaly because you either thought this was the Hilton and turned out it wasn't or something did not go your way. I would recommend Estes Park as a matter of a fact I have referred someone and they were rejected so that goes to show you they don't just take anybody.

Estes Park is under new management and there have been serveral changes on the property. I had bad experiences when I moved in but that has come to pass. The fact is Estes Park is not for "dirt poor" people, it is for people that are looking to save money as I am not dirt poor. I would live here again if I had the option. The only reason I said that is because I have lived other places that have the same issues and the rent $200 more a month. So no matter where you go there is gonna be issues. Get over yourself and quit trying to ruin these peoples name just because you want to anonymously complain. If you have a true honest complaint then why be anonymous????? I would tell people looking to save money to move to Estes Park no like it says it is not the most high class place but if you keep to yourself and mind your own business you will be just fine.
I do not work for GSC or Estes Park and agree with the above. Management & maintenance is very responsive to reasonable requests. Will fix anything of major safety or health concern ASAP. Definitely must emphasize the above about Estes Park not being the Hilton though. It is also not an "average" apartment. It is for dirt poor people who know how to take care of themselves and want to save money. If you weren't raised this way, then don't try to live here.
too funny... i hope you at least got a "free coffee" card for being willing to post this "anonymous" sounding review - while actually working for Estes Park. LOL.. very transparent, guys.

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