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Harrison Grande
300 Sudbury Drive, Cary, NC 27513
2 User Responses

I've been here for just over a year now, and just resigned a 9 month lease. Overall, my townhouse is great. I can't hear anyone in the apartments next door, and only sometimes here people upstairs. I have no complaints as far as the apartment itself.

HOWEVER, maintenance leaves much to be desired. Requested them to come to fix our leaking HVAC and broken lights in the kitchen, and 2 months later was still waiting. Had to go back to the office 4 times. 4th time were told there was no request on file and we had to start all over again. Then they finally came and said they fixed it. Guess what, my light in the kitchen is out again (its shorting out very expensive bulbs after 3 days) and the HVAC continued to leak. My husband finally fixed the HVAC, and we put a lamp in the kitchen.

Also, the kids around here are unruly and out of control. Found a kid on top of my SUV recently.

All in all, its a give and take, what can you live with. We love our apartment and the fact that you can't hear the neighbors, so we put up with the rest, but won't be staying for long, as we're buying a house in 5 months, which is why we resigned our 9 month lease.

We live on Grande Valley Circle as well. It seems the problems with the kids are located around this general area, and not on the other streets. We just seem to be the LUCKY ones. We live near the corner, and I have kids as well, but I refuse to let them play outside because I don't want them to see how these other kids act. It's bad enough they see it as we're driving through. I've found them on many occasions sitting out on our front stoop. They don't live in any of these 4 apartments that are in this section. I have no idea where they live. I've even thought about purchasing a wireless camera, because lately they've done damage to the front end of our car.
We have lived at Colonial Village since October last year. At first we were so excited about the apartment for the same reasons you were. We have a large floor plan, we never hear the neighbors and it seemed a very comfortable place. We have come to the same realizations as you have as well. The maintenance staff is constantly changing, the office staff as well. We still have a dripping AC, air leaks out of the windows as we are heating or cooling the world more than our own apartment. Then there is the kids. We live on Grand Valley Circle so we have two groups of kids to worry about. The skater teens that never acknowledge youÂ’re trying to drive purposely, as they weave back and forth in the parking lot smirking at you as you try to get by them and then the REAL children at the other end of the parking lot that gather around the corner units and throw baseballs or rocks at each other (and most certainly against our cars or neighbors cars as well). WeÂ’ve regularly had to call the cops, as the community does little to nothing about the children NOR do they take the time to try and contact the parents to solve the issues. Instead they seem to believe the practical way to topple this problem is to Ignore it, and simply hope either the children stopÂ….or WE stop complaining. We enjoy the unit and size, once again and the peacefulness we receive as we face the woods. ThatÂ’s about it. With a staff that does nothing to correct our problems, (took a week for them to fix our storage unit door which someone had broken into.) we are currently looking for a new place to live. What a horrible way, for a community to conduct a business.

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