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551 Lex DriveCharlotte, NC 28262


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City Average

You can't beat the price for what you get at the Alexander townhouses. I've rented here through the Tomlin Group for about two semesters and overall I am pretty happy with it. The location is what really does it for me.… Full Review ▶


I rent from The Tomlin Group. Overall, I've had a good experience living here. The rent is fairly cheap and within walking distance from campus. There has been minor maintenance issues, but we put in work orders and the maintenance guy… Full Review ▶


For the past four years I have rented a Townhouse at Alexander Towne through The Tomlin Group. Overall my stay there has been enjoyable. It's close distance with several stores to meet my needs and has a pool access as well… Full Review ▶


There is nothing wrong with this location. I have lived here for 2 semesters and its been great. Noise isnt that bad and its not the "ghetto." Its about fifteen minutes from campus walking and rent is very affordable. Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

HANDYMAN CAN! Listen I have worked here recently and if you need a handyman or mover to help you do fix-ups, painting, or to move in or out, then call me at 704.345.0171, ask for Steve. Full Review ▶


A BIG mistake to move into Alexander Towne townhomes. I rented through an adjointing apartment complex located across the street. I did not realize I was moving into a ghetto-like community. I wish I had checked the reviews and gotten other… Full Review ▶


I've lived in one of the condos for about 7 months, and have had no problems with any aspect of my condo. The difference between my experience and some of the other reviews is most likely due to the fact that… Full Review ▶


DO NOT MOVE INTO THE ALEXANDER TOWNE TOWNHOME COMPLEX. This is NOT a safe place for a student (or anyone for that matter). I KNOW. I WAS ROBBED AT GUNPOINT!!!! This place is NOT patrolled by law enforcement. NOTHING IS ENFORCED… Full Review ▶


I used to own one of the townhouses there. (BTW: they are NOT apartments) I would highly suggest that you DO NOT move there. My "rent price" is actually what my mortgage payments were on the home...rent is generally 50% higher… Full Review ▶


I don't really have any complaints. I tell you what is the most important. Most of the outlets didn't work when I moved in. I could have complained more but I knew it was only temporary. The appliances and cabinets are… Full Review ▶


welcome to the ghetto. The Noise is horrible & it's redulously loud at all times of the day & night. Paper thin walls. Sketchy neighbors. Don't live there. Full Review ▶

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Apartment Details

Floor Plans

3 Bedrooms: $614

  • Model

    3 Bedrooms

  • Baths


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  • Price


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Features & Amenities


  • Laundry Connections in Unit
  • Laundry in Units
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Pet Policy

  • Dogs Allowed
  • Deposit: Required
    Rent: Required
    Restrictions: Breed restrictions apply.
  • Cats Allowed
  • Deposit: Required
    Rent: Required
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