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4943 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209
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I just moved to Charlotte mid-August. I'm an apartment person, choosing to rent vs. own because I never know where I will be after 1 - 2 years. I will also pay a premium for a nice place with good amenities. When I learned I was moving to Charlotte I was extremely excited. I began reading apartment reviews and plotting all the places I wanted to visit. Obviously, Cielo was on that list. However, I admit to being hesitant as I had read the reviews on here. I visited the complex multiple times, researched the complex online and researched Greystar. I also take online reviews with a grain of salt.

I learned that the developer of Cielo filed bankruptcy and lost the property. This told me why the security gates and locks were never installed, why tenants got below market rent and why unrealistic promises were made. It also explained why people attempting to renew were seeing such a drastic increase in rent. I learned this without asking the current Cielo Management team, but did ask questions during my final tour.

Also, I moved from an apartment that I loved everything about but the noise. I've never lived in an apartment that didn't have noise. But my last one was really loud. If your expectation is whisper quiet you will be disappointed. Personally, I always look for an apartment where I am on the top floor. Since Cielo has multiple elevators and I can park in a parking deck, this is extremely convenient and quiet. Simply put, apartments and noise go together. Always have, always will.

As for the office team and maintenance team I have no complaints. Anything I've needed, they've provided. With respectful communication they worked with me through my move and lease signing. In fact, I was able to sign my lease electronically, which was outstanding. They helped me get moved in, ensured the elevator was available and made certain everything was in order before I took ownership. And honestly, ------- is --------------------...

Here's the thing. When you sign a lease you do so for a finite amount of time. Within that time, anything can change. The market fluctuates, the neighborhood changes and the economy changes. That's why you sign a lease. At the end of the lease term both parties are now out of contract and free to seek other arrangements. For those people that signed their lease with a bankrupt developer, you can view this two ways. One, you can blame Greystar for doing what every other management company would do. Or, you can consider yourself fortunate that you saved such a significant amount of money for 12 months because someone was desperate. Either way, you are now entering a period of choice where you get to choose to remain a tenant or move to another property.

Regardless of what other people say, take the time to check out Cielo. Respond to me if you'd like as I'm happy to discuss my experience so far. And so far, that experience has been great.

There are roach issues here at Cielo as well. Spotted and reported at least 3 in the hallways in the last couple months. Along with a flea problem (we have a strictly indoor cat that mysteriously ended up with fleas...
When the new owners bought the property they should have taken into consideration the people who are already living there - even if they did move in under the other owners with a lower rent. Other states have LAWS that would not allow the new owners to basically kick people on to the street by raising their rent over 30%! People would expect a rent increase, but 6-10%, not 30%. I believe in paying more for a nice place too, but when I picked this apartment it was in my price range. The current tenants should not be punished. The new owners need to wait until people move out, and then they can raise the rent all they want. Having dealt with the Cielo management, they are probably enjoying kicking nice people to the curb!
Hmm....how much did they pay you to write this, actually, it seems like it was written by Cielo management? In addition, you haven't even been in the building a month. There is no way that rent should be this high in a non-upscale neighborhood that has a rat\roach apartment complex, The Stratford, next door. LOL! Write another review in a couple of months once management "pssg" you off too. Also, none of the other reviews say that ------- is ----, so I guess that you will be trying to date her?. LOL! Sad....
I read your post and just had to respond. I believe most people understand that when their lease is up a reasonable increase is understandable. What people are upset about is that the rent is being increased by such a drastic amount. In most cases it is being increased by nearly 30%. In some states an increase of this much would be illegal. You mentioned that things change such as the economy. The last time I checked the economy in this country is in shambles. I am tempted to believe that you are one of the many overpaid crooks, I mean bankers who live in Charlotte and can afford to pay outrageous amounts of rent while the rest of us struggle to get by. It is clear that Greystar doesn't care that it is forcing responsible tenants to go elsewhere. You putting in your review that ------- ------------- tells me a lot about you also. It is the approach that the leasing office has taken regarding this issue that is disappointing. They are not willing to discuss the increase. They basically told me that this is what the owner wants and there is nothing they can do about it. Just wait until you have been here a while and you will start to see through the facade.
Just read the first comment again and it made more sense. I see the reference to rats/roaches wad about the complex next door. Sorry. Reading comprehension lacking the first time through.

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