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Duke Manor
311 South LaSalle Street, Durham, NC 27705
4 User Responses

My boyfriend and I have live here for 5 months and have just renew my lease for 12 month. I think it is a good place to live in with low price.
About the safty and clean condition, you can see my experice below.
When we were seeking for a place to live 5 months ago. We even would not considering about Duke manor due to the bad review. I find someone sublet her apartment in 3011 Pratt street, I search the address in goole map and find it is a great place for us who study in Duke university. So we went to check the apartment and find it is Duke manor. This changed my mind about it, it is very convineice to school it you choose the building near Douglas Street and the place is kept very clean by the woman who is a nurse and has live there for nearly two yeas by herself. She move out because she had buy a new house.
So about that someone says it is dirty, I have to say it depends on who live there, the outside is the same as other place. And about the safty, I think no place is safe to walk in at night near Duke university, and in the day time,everywhere is the same. We have no car and we will use Saferide of Duke to back home at night, which is totally free. At first the AC didn't work well, they change it to a brand new one after fixed it and found it is too old too be used. The office people are nice except one girl.
We have a very happy time here with low price. Of course if you need a luxary place it is not the right one.But compare to campus walk and poplar west I would recommend Duke manor near Douglas street.

i have been living here for a year now and i can't wait to leave. i don't feel safe here because i hear gun shots all the time. it was like a battle field on new years. my husband and i were making bet on how many gun shots we were going to hear. and my mother in laws car had be vandilized three times before she broke her lease and we had someone put nail under our tires twice.
I'm guessing they have new management. All the bad reviews are from 2 years ago. It doesn't seem like anyone is experiencing the same problems in 2010.
We are still living here now. I really like here. I think cheap price is one of the resonses. I feel safe here. And the outside is clean. I think if it is dirty or clean depends on who live in. Our apartment is very comfortable. I don't know others. The people who work in the office are nice too. I think at least this apartment is no worse than others like campus walk, holly hill, holly hills and the price is lower.
You and your boyfriend have only been there for five months; and your apratment is located on the side where all the robbery and drug dealing is going. The only reason you maybe saying nice things about Duke Manor is cheap rent and that dirt ----- Crystal Sorrell the(manger) renewed the lease because your are too cheap to find a nice place to live; and Duke saftey is longer dropping of at duke manor!!!!! becasue the drivers are afraid of being car jacked. Duke Manor is a horribe place to live and staff are all theives.

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