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Hayleigh Village Apartments
4020 Eight Belles Lane, Greensboro, NC 27410
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I just realized I was totally lied to at the beginning of my contract by the guy signing my lease agreement. I called all the other apartment complexes run by the same company and asked them about the same situation, and they all agreed with me. I called the regional manager and told him what I'd found out and experienced, and he offered to help. He called back and went back on his word. He offered to get me the flier advertisement the month I moved in. I asked him for it one minute later, he said he didn't have it and couldn't guarantee the office had it...even though he just told me he could give it to me. He began criticizing me and getting ticked off even though I was still acting calmly. Overall, the moral of the story, they will tell you whatever they think they can say to get the most money from you and for you to stay the most months. They will lie about what agreements mean ("12 months contract for a free months rent? That means you have to stay an extra month to get the free months rent! But it is a 12 month contract...you just have to stay for 13!) What the?! So, there is no company policy. There is no Hayleigh Village Apts. policy. There is only you at the mercy of whatever the office people think they can sucker out of you at the time. The only time anything is ever written down is in your contract. Money is all they want. I would look at Plantation at Horse Pen Creek, they actually cared about you there! It was really disappointing that they truly don't care about their customer AT ALL and have no problem being caught in a lie once you've signed the lease agreement! They just want your money. And will do anything to get it!

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