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1373 Lee's Chapel Road, Greensboro, NC 27455
% Recommended
City Average

Me and my family absolutely hate living here. The first day marked our experience going bad. When we came to view the apartment it was really nice, then when we moved in they tried to place us in an apartment with… Full Review ▶


This place is ridiculious, they should be charge with false advertisement. Everytime i try to take my child to the pool, it is closed. I only been living here for a month n can't wait for my lease to be over.… Full Review ▶


You will notice that only one review is at all recent. I can't speak to that experience but I can tell you that as a resident for 2 years, I am so happy to have new management. The new folks are… Full Review ▶


Their website says 2 pools,1 indoor heated and 1 outside.The indoor is definitely not heated it is freezing cold and they don't open any windows or doors and the fan is broken so the chemical smell is so strong you feel… Full Review ▶


Northwinds was a apartment complex that i always heard about. I heard the rent was affordable so i came to check it out. When i came they showed me a newly remodeled apartment, nice and clean. I came to sighn my… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Northwinds for 2 years. New management came in several months ago, and I can tell a big difference. Finally, someone cares about us! I feel that things have gotten much better, and I am happy to say… Full Review ▶


I have lived in Northwinds for about 6 months so far, and it is much better than all of these past reviews say. It has been under new management for about 4 months, and they are great. I have not seen… Full Review ▶


My mother lived at Northwinds for a little more than a year. During her time there one of her neighbors, who was a crackhead (literally) was prostituting out of her apartment. Then her downstairs neighbor shot his drug dealer and dragged… Full Review ▶


i lived in several apartments at northwinds and i liked each one. yeah when i moved in to one of them there were roaches because the last tenant was a nasty piece of garbage but since i am not it was… Full Review ▶


First of all, there were so many roaches when we moved in that I thought it was their apartment. There is no hall closet so all of my things were stuffed in the bedroom closet. The hallways are always smelly and… Full Review ▶


For my first apartment, I guess it isn't too bad, but next time, I will pay the extra money to get a nicer place. I have had a few times were I have had to call security over noise problems, and… Full Review ▶


These apartments are horrible, and they are full of roaches! I'm not sure of the spray they use to fix it, but it sure didn't fix a thing...the roaches just got worse! The maintenance crew is horrible, and it takes them… Full Review ▶


Please Don't waste your money living her first of all when I moved in there were roaches EVERYWHERE, Second there are so many people that hang outside your building it is really sad and the leasing office does nothing about it.… Full Review ▶


I lived in Northwinds for about 3 years. I?ve stayed in every apartment from the 3 bedroom to the one bedroom. The 3 bedroom is the only one that is really worth your money. It is very spacious and comfortable. The… Full Review ▶


I moved in about a 3 months ago. I was already expecting some wear in the carpenting from previous tenants but the apartment was more filthy then I thought. A month later I spotted two roaches. Full Review ▶


I live at the Northwind Apartments now. I would not recommend these sorry excuse of living environment to anyone. I have been here for afew months now,and I hate it. I will give you a few reason why I dislike the… Full Review ▶


I love this complex...they have really cleaned up the rift raft! It definately has improved. Management is nice...and I love the fitness room area. The parking is a lot easier to deal with than at other apartments. I never had to… Full Review ▶


I went to look at these apartments when I was apartment hunting in 1999 and the management was not friendly or courteous at all and the apartments looked sketchy inside and out. The apartments are not worth the price. Maybe they´ve… Full Review ▶


I like my apartment, it is clean and neat and was nice when I moved in. The people who work here are always nice, they always wave at me and smile. I use the pool to swim laps and really enjoy… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 760
11 $ 843
21 $ 603
22 $ 809
32 $ 785


  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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Year Beds Baths Avg. Monthly Rent Range
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