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2 Aragona Boulevard, Jacksonville, NC 28540
3 User Responses

HORRIBLE, BUG INFESTED, DISGUSTING. Save the money and go somewhere else!! If I could give 0 stars for a rating I would!!

That anonymous response dated 05/09/2012 sounds dangerously close to the flamboyant gay guy who works in the office. I really hope it isn't because that would be extremely unprofessional but after all I've read on this website that's exactly what you can expect if you rent here!
HAH! My rent was always paid. This place is scummy. Look when you move in there are a ton of others moving out. No wonder the turn around is so quick! We had to call an exterminator ourselves and they talked with our neighbors who ALL had the same bug issues. My apartment was ALWAYS clean and I've lived in several other apartments in the SOUTH where there are BUGS (duh!) and NEVER had an issue with any infestations. Maybe you should google how clean people get bug infestations, you idiot! Your electric bill while living here will be sky high. When you call the people at the electric company to find out why, just make sure you mention "lauradale" right away and they'll fill you in. I hope these bad reviews can save just one person from making the same mistake I did. PLease please, do yourself a favor and go down the road to a nicer apartment community, you wont regret it!!!
You must haven't paid your rent! This is a total lie. Anytime I have ever had an issue, pest control came the same day. FYI you are in the south and bugs live in the south...News Flash Hello!!! So even in new homes in NC you will see bugs. So I will have to say if you have bugs everywhere, that's an infestation & honey you just need to clean...After all they love nasty people..So pack your bags & take your friends with you.

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