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Brookway West Apartments
1101 Brookway West Drive, Lewisville, NC 27023
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I moved here from out of state in march of 2011. After two weeks of living here me and my wife decided that listening to the neighbors fight and scream all day was not what we wanted. I asked to change my lease to month to month and they said I would have to pay for breaking the lease and I would have to pay for up to 6 months of rent. The walls are so thin we can hear our neighbors doing intimate things at night. one neighbor fights with her kids they cry and scream all day the other neighbor on the other side screams at her husband and kids all day. I went to the office to complain about the thin walls and they laughed and said they have never heard that complaint before. no sorries no anything. Maintenance is a joke. We made a list of repairs wich included a toilet that was so loose that it was like sitting on a rocking chair. walls are rotting around the base board and one door has no bottom. It is horrible! I made it clear and walked through the apartment before we had moved in and they said they would be right on it and get it fixed this was in march it is now july still haven't seen them i have another neighbor that has been without airconditioning for three weeks. I finally found a far superior apartment complex (Robinhood Court Apartments) and broke my lease with Brookway west apartments. I owe Brookway west Apartments 875 for the next two months and 1775.00 for breaking the lease so all total owe these horrible people 3525.00 because I broke my lease.

Last Updated: 07/11/11

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