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Avera Place at Briar Creek

11199 Salem Glen Ln11200 Salem Glen Lane, Raleigh, NC 27617
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First off, most of the rental units at this location are managed by Wilson Property Management, Inc. so it is not like leasing from a traditional apartment complex. Anything you may need, such as repairs, will need prior approval from the… Full Review ▶


I've been here since January and generally enjoy living here. I'm in a one-story with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a dedicatid office space (I work from home), and an attached garage. The unit had new carpet installed when I moved in… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

Just wondering if anyone would mind telling me how much rent is on their studio and 1 bedroom apartments. I have recently got a job in raleigh and was trying to stay within my budget. I noticed these places looked pretty… Full Review ▶


Been living here 2 years and love it. The apts are very nice and comfortable. Its pretty quiet friendly neighbors, you just see people out walking their dogs alot during the day. Never had a problem with my apt Full Review ▶


I have lived in Avera Place since April 2008. I haven't had any problems. I have called maintenace for minor issues and they are taken care of immediately. Best price and location, great neighbors. Love having a 2 car garage which… Full Review ▶


The complex is nice and I haven't had any problems with my unit, which I've rented for over 2 years now. The location is very convenient for me and the 2 times that items needed to be repaired the management company… Full Review ▶


I can not believe how loud the upstairs neighbors are. The management moves in tenants with children and place them in upstairs apartments with no regard for existing tenants and the children run and jump as if they are on a… Full Review ▶


I Rent a Place here at avera place. I havent had any bad experience with management so far. But what I can say is that the landscape and grounds are not as clean as they could be.. Its spider webs all… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

Are the Residents still experiencing problems with mice and snakes? Full Review ▶


I have been very happy with Avera Place. The staff is nice, the site is clean, safe, and quiet. Rent is reasonable and our apartment is huge. Full Review ▶


Like the banks, I believe this place would rather have empty units than negotiate. After hearing stories and experiencing firsthand the strict non-negotiation policy, I would not go further with the current management who is not particularly nice. They have not… Full Review ▶


The last comment did say "generally helpful" but that would have to be quite loose of the term. I could not agree more the location is great, but the management running Avera Place and still is in Jan 2008, can make… Full Review ▶


I like the location. Close to shopping and RTP. I'd have liked the staff to point out my building had handicapped units as well as standard units. When I was looking, I noticed the units did have some differences in the… Full Review ▶


Lived at Avera Place for fourteen months and found it very frustrating when exiting. Signed a lease before the apartment was cleaned and retuned in four weeks to move in and found that the carpets wern't cleaned and the place had… Full Review ▶


With new management taking charge our community became what it was when it was just built. No issues with trash pick up - to trash outside of container; pool is clean; street lights are working; maintenance guys are not overbooked; neighbors… Full Review ▶


I have read the complaints put on Avera Place at Brier Creek. I don't think people understand that it is NOT the community that is the problem. It was the past management companies. In the short time that Wilson Property Management… Full Review ▶


The rent is cheaper than other apartments nearby. There are good reasons for it. 1. Noise My apartment is a bit noisy, because the apartment complex is close to the RDU airport (less than 5 miles). You can sometimes hear the… Full Review ▶


I am thinking about moving to avera place and was reading some of the comments that was made. I just have one question are there mice or not? Full Review ▶


The house is not clean not well maintained. It even had pets odor. Some of their staff is very unfriendly.
Full Review ▶


I love this place. From the leasing experience and still as a resident I have been treated very well by the friendly staff at Avera. My apartment is very spacious and their amenities are great! 24 hour work out facility comes… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for well over a year. Things were fine for awhile - the staff was friendly and responsive, and the apartment above me was empty. Then new management and personnel came in, and I've experienced what has been mentioned… Full Review ▶


we love the place - but - the garbage outside of the dumpster near the car wash has
not been removed for a week . the trash cans by the post office are filled with papers. finally - and this is serious… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Avera Place almost 2 years. Since living there, a new management company has taken over and they can't keep any staff on. This makes you always a stranger to whomever is working there that month. They have… Full Review ▶


I am moving in Avera Place in December. It seemed really nice. Are there problems I should know about and confront the owner with before I sign anything? Thanks for your help. Full Review ▶


The new management that took over in July is the worest and the manager has an attitude and is rude and doesn't know what the hell she is doing! I am so glad my lease is up in August and can't… Full Review ▶


The walls are very thin, you can hear every coinversation. Pam was great but they've dumped her for this new uncaring woman. Rent is over-inflated for what I'm getting. A mortgage would be cheaper! And there are no services that they… Full Review ▶


I have been living at Avera Place since November and I love my 1 bedroom apartment. The apartment is over 1000 sq ft and has a fire place with a sunroom. I think the staff is very friendly. Full Review ▶


Since a new corporation has bought this apartment community, overall quality has been going down. Little things like restricted pool hours, and permanently turning off common area lighting are slight annoyances in the degradation of the original quality. Construction noise is… Full Review ▶


I lived at Avera Place for 7 months in a 1/1 and the size of a one bedroom is enourmous. The staff is great and I would recommend this community to anyone that is looking for an apartment. Full Review ▶


Although the rental price is a bit higherthan average, the overall convenience to the mall, airport etc,and spaciousness(two car garage) of the apts, makes it a very good place to live. The staff is very courteous and helpful. We are seniors… Full Review ▶


I have found since moving to avera place...they have been very helpful and are very freindly..maintanance is always there when I need them and the work is done right the first time.. Office staff is wonderful now that one paticular lying… Full Review ▶


I lived here for 2 and 1/2 years. At the beginning it was great, however now the new management are a group of Nazis. THe property manager conducts random, unannounced searches (which are blantaly prohibitted in North Carolina and hence criminal… Full Review ▶


I think these women think that they are just supposed to come to work to look pretty. I never see them do anything except sit behind a desk & make empty promises! I've had problems getting maintenance to follow up on… Full Review ▶


Need diversified staff. Many african american tenants, no african american staff. I am disturbed in terms of their employment practices. I am a white male who has been living in this complex for last 13month, i've seen staff come and go,… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Avera Place for 6 months now and I like it very much. It is a quiet neighborhood of apartment homes in a great location in Brier Creek. The pool is a meeting place for parties and the… Full Review ▶


Enough said... Full Review ▶


Do NOT choose this community. Management is a horrible woman who never does anything but sit on her --- and lie to your face. I have been asking for resolution to parking problems since June. Everytime I ask, I am told… Full Review ▶


This is not a bad place to live. We have a 3 bedroom bungaloo and it comes with a two car garage and you can also fit 2 other cars in your driveway so there is not problem with parking with… Full Review ▶


The experienced maintenance staff was fired to allow replacement by cheaper temporary service workers. This does not seem like a company the cares about the long term--I wonder why?! Full Review ▶


I´ve only been here a short time, but I´m very happy with it so far. The one-bedroom apartments are amazingly spacious and the extra half-bath is a great feature. The other residents I have met all seem very nice and professional.… Full Review ▶

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21 $ 1250
31 $ 1450
41 $ 1850


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