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Dominion on Lake Lynn
7400 Leesville Road, Raleigh, NC 27613
1 User Response

I lived here barely a year and pretty much ran from my lease. I am a college student at NC State if that makes any of you feel any better about what I am about to write. A woman was CRUCIFIED, yes, CRUCIFIED in the next apartments (bridgeport) by a man living in Dominion. My car was broken into, many others were as well. Cops have beeen looking for kids that break in and steal in-dash tv's, and cars themselves. Management sucked, took months for any work to get done. Terrible night parking, lake is dangerous as well. It sucked completely. Every degenerate in Raleigh lives in these apartments, and most of my neighbors were illegal --------. Constant noise from bass and cars. People driving all over the lawns and nothing being done about it. This place is really a ghetto, an expensive one at that. YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER FOR THE MONEY AND LOCATION! My kitchen was so old it made my grandma remember the good ol' days. My dishwasher was so dated that it wouldn't clean anything and they wouldn't do anything about it. Everything about this place is cheap, like the walls and carpet. The windows had broken seals and were fogged up all the time. I really dont know what to say about this place that is positive. close to 540??? horay.

I am of the firm belief that is DOMINION Inc. where to provide a mandate that all of their renters be American Citizens, we would not have the illegal immigrant problem we have in NC anylonger...

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