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Shelton Apartments
20 Mayo Street, Raleigh, NC 27603
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The Shelton was a nice quiet place in downtown to call home until the past couple of months. Recently, it has turned into a place I have been afraid to go out in the evenings because of these new tenants. Rap music playing loudly, doo-rags, baggy jeans, thugz on the porches standing around smoking blunts at all hours of the night. There is an apartment across the courtyard that has thugz going in and out at all hours of the night. Today alone, the cops have been here to talk to some of the other rap listening, baggy pants wearing, thugs for the 3rd time. And as I watch the police talking to these people, (these are 1 bedroom apartments and there is 4 people staying up in that apartment) I am seeing the person who lives in the other apartment that has thugs going in and out at all hours peeking through the blinds looking out. Something is going down. And it's the Shelton Apartments. The manager is obviously getting that desperate to rent out these places that she's leasing to thugz now.

User photo uploaded on 01/01/2010

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