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Spanish Trace Apartments
3020 Spanish Court, Raleigh, NC 27607
2 User Responses

you are so right there are whores and also prostitutes that live there,two or three times a week a white van always came there and some old white man wearing a cap
would enter and would only be there for maybe 30 minutes and would leave,that went on for about 2 years,in 2001-2003.warning do not move there.

I live at Spanish Trace now and have NEVER seen anything like this happen. I've been here for years and their are some tenants who have lived here since the early 2000s. I asked them and they said they never saw anything like this happen back in 2001-2003. Regardless I definitely have never seen anything like it now in the years I've been here (2011-2013 so far). Plus, the management here is extremely proactive to stuff and listens to anyone who has an issue or a complaint. Highly doubt anything like prostitution ever happened here; I don't even know any residents who live here who would hire a prostitute, this is definitely a more upscale place than that.
I live in the complex and have never seen something like this. I question the person who sees something suspicious and doesn't say anything to the proactive management, but lives here for two years and then sends a negative posting about a really nice complex. I would tend to believe that something didn't go this tenants way and they are aggravated.

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