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Wolf Creek Apartments
403 Wolf Creek Circle, Raleigh, NC 27606
3 User Responses

the management is horrible! Like to have some sort of freedom? DO NOT live here!!! The management is the worse ever, they do not negotiate a thing and are only interested in your money! First off this place only has one dumpster...so, any bag of trash that is in your apartment on any day that wolfcreek staff comes into your apartment (there are monthly inspections) leaves you with a 25 dollar fee per bag on your account that you must pay (even if its sitting next to your trash can). do the math. Every time you enter the pool you have to sign a waiver, every month you have to wake up to staff coming into your apartment and looking everywhere for any damages and trash. The basketball courts are filled with people that do not actually live there, so good luck using that facility. The 250 dollars you pay (which makes most think its a deposit) when you sign your lease is not returned to you. The roomate matching is horrible! There have also been many car break-ins this month. There is a cop who lives in the complex who supposidley walks around every night to make people feel safe...I have only seen her laying out by the pool. BEWARE!!! There is only one bus to campus for 780 residents (who are all pretty much college students). You have to go to the bus stop 15 minutes early to even get to stand on the thing. Many people get denied and the management keeps saying they are getting a new bus but havent in 6 months. trust me, i am not lying!

Yes, the management is horrible. They really do try to get your money any way possible. These buildings are made so cheaply. If you don't believe me, come on out and look at the new ones that they are putting up. The walls are paper thin, you can hear everything around you. Things are constantly breaking. It is really annoying only having one dumpster, as it gets overloaded by the end of the week. The basketball courts always have people who don't live at Wolf Creek. The cop that lives at Wolf Creek doesn't ever come out and check the premises. The worst part is the bus. Management promised over and over again that they would get a second bus, and it never happened. The bus always breaks down because Wolf Creek doesn't understand what preventative maintenance is. They wait until it breaks instead of having the bus inspected occasionally. It is always overloaded and have fun fitting on the bus with the 400 more students that will be living there soon in the new buildings. Please don't live here.
I agree with everything said...its all about the money for the complex. Existing things are made cheaply, the repairs are half-hearted at best. The management leaves the students that work in the office in the dark, so they can not be of as much help as they could be. They only helpful and nice thing about the place are the actual maintenance men. They really do care, but arent given proper tools and etc to actually fix things correctly. The bus is constantly breaking down b/c its run into the ground everyday. WC is the largest complex in the area and only has one bus. The new buildings going up are awful, you can see why you can hear everyone else in the building doing whatever it is they are doing. The mail service isnt the USPS, so it can be suspect, they cram packages that shouldnt fit into the boxes into them. Everything for public has been vandalized or misused in some way, so many restrictions are placed on them. The office gives a bunch of empty threats. If you email them with a question or comment about something you know that they are wrong about, you wont get a response from them. The pool and basketball courts are constantly crowded with people from outside of the complex. People dont stop at the stop signs and many cars are broken into or damaged in some way. Going back to the shuttle, since there is only one, it leaves the campus too early to stay on schedule. Driver turnover is high, there have been at least 8 different ones this past year alone. The internet and cable service goes out all the time due to a bad connection. The internet is ALWAYS slow, the routing of the internet makes it as slow as molasses. If you can think of a potential problem that might arise, then Wolf Creek already has it. STAY AWAY, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE EVEN IF ITS MORE EXPENSIVE. All apartments have issues, but this place takes the cake.
yeah this place blows for real. This is the worst customer service of any residential complex I have ever seen. If I ran this place I would fire everybody in the office and the guy who drives the red truck who supposedly fixes things and start from scratch. This place would run better with a staff full of blow up dolls. Hey at least you would get some of your moneys worth then!

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