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The Reserve at Mayfaire
1411 Parkview Circle, Wilmington, NC 28405
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I visited these apartments last week when searching for a new place and was rather disappointed. They are outdated to say the least. Maybe they were top of the line when they were first built. But now they are showing their age. Take the apartment I looked at for example: dents in the stainless appliances, ugly plastic light fixtures that look like they came from the 80s, cheap laminate countertops with scratches, paint overspray on EVERYTHING due to multiple re-paintings, rickety old stacking washer/dryer, and more. Very disappointing given what they demand for rent! Any of the newer apartment communities look more "luxury" than The Reserve, even if they don't purport themselves to be a luxury community. Oh, and one more thing.. what is up with all the dog feces everywhere? And I do mean everywhere!! If people are not going to clean up after their pets, maybe they should pay someone to do it OR not allow pets at all.

Last Updated: 06/17/10
Im pretty sure you were at the wrong apartment place even if it is outdated the great part about this place is you can ask the crew to replace it with a new one which they happened to update the devices at the same time. Also why does it matter what the lamps look like they dont come with the apartment hahah
Update: Police report confirmed that the vehicle was repossessed and the towing company verified that they returned the vehicle to the owner that same day.
Police report filed... Why wasn't there any glass on the ground? Maybe they left the doors unlocked? Maybe they had a spare key and somebody saw this as a crime of opportumity. Trying to keep your area crime free includes using common sense like locking your car doors and not leaving anything in your car that could entice somebody to want to break into your car.
It is a liability for the community to discuss on ongoing criminal investigation. If you are looking for local news might i suggest WECT or the Star News. As for my posts, I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure that my community is justly represented to the public. If you are so curious about my rent ($ 936.00/1br), my job (www.portcityhealthcare.com), or any other facet of my personal/professional life feel free to reach out to me. Unlike you, I don't have an issue standing by my positions.
Mike, what do you do .... copy and paste the same response to every bad review? Sounds like you need to get a life .... and a reality check. Or maybe you are the pooper-scooper they hired who has such a great time living in your subsidized apartment as you go on your merry way scooping poop
Mike, you must be confused. You live at the Reserve at Mayfaire, not "Fairy Tale Lane". I was searching the local news about the robbery here on Monday and noticed you post a comment after every posting on this site. If you are this big "professional, don't you have more to do than that? That fabulous office staff did not send us a letter until Thursday PM, and still then there were no specifics, only a quote to lock our doors (duh) and get to know our neighbors.

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