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Pines at Bethabara

511 Bethabara Hills Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27106
% Recommended
City Average

We have lived at The Pines since 2010 and we love it here. It is so quiet! Everything here is kept up so well! It is nice knowing that we don't have to worry about the lawn, pest control or maintenance.… Full Review ▶


I lived there for several years? Overall it's not too bad. The first big thing is about the manager she is terrible her name is -----, she acts as if she's doing you a favor by living there. When i first… Full Review ▶


It is obvious that some of the reviews here were completed by the office staff at Pines at Bethabara. The office staff is nice, but are also willing to do anything in order to rent you an apartment. Notice how many… Full Review ▶


Loved this apartment complex! Spacious layout, helpful staff. I lived there while in graduate school at WFU and wanted to live close to campus but not too close to undergrads. This place was perfect--tucked away but within 5 minutes of campus… Full Review ▶


I lived here for a year in the single bedroom model. The community was pleasant and my neighbors were quiet. Any apartment issues were resolved quickly and professionally without hassle. I hate that I had to leave but my career sent… Full Review ▶


I have lived at The Pines at Bethabara for almost 2 years and I am very pleased that I was able to move into a safe gated community.The staff and maintenance are very professional and helpful. Also it is very quiet… Full Review ▶


I love my condominium! I moved in three months ago mainly because the reviews on here were so good. They are correct, it is a very nice place with great customer service! I am happy and plan on staying for a… Full Review ▶


I just moved into the pines and love it. I like that it isnt' too close to the main road, there is a gate and the office staff is really nice. They made me feel comfortable when I walked into their… Full Review ▶


I love living at the Pines! I have been the happiest here over the other apartments I have lived. When I moved in, the apartment was the cleanest that I have ever moved into. The office staff is always so nice… Full Review ▶


I have lived at the Pines for almost a year. I have been more pleased here than any other place I have ever lived. The maintenance person is always very quick to respond and so polite. The girls in the office… Full Review ▶


I lived in this apt complex for literally 2months and had nothing but trouble! The apt itself was nice and most of the neighbors were nice also, but the staff SUCKS! The property manager ----- is THE WORST! I wouldnt recommend… Full Review ▶


I recently moved out of the Pines after finishing graduate school at Wake Forest. If you are looking for a two bedroom apartment, the Pines is the best deal near Wake--especially compared to any of the Crowne properties. The Crowne apartments… Full Review ▶


I agree, I love living here and it is peaceful. I just wonder is it right that the manager has the right to hang up on you when they get frustrated and not happy with your request and because you are… Full Review ▶


I lived in the Pines for nearly 6 years. I only moved because I bought a house. While I am grateful for the added space, I must say the community and its amenities will be sorely missed. The rent is reasonable… Full Review ▶


The Pines has been my first apartment living experience, and I have a feeling it will be very hard to top. I don't have any complaints whatsoever - it is everything you could want in an apartment for a fraction of… Full Review ▶


I have lived at the Pines for almost a year and I am getting ready to sign my lease renewal. I have been very pleased living here and cannot imagine moving to another apartment. I have so much space here, I… Full Review ▶


I have lived at the Pines for 3 years while in law school at Wake. I had a friend who asked if I liked it here because he was looking to move. He informed me that the Pines had the highest… Full Review ▶


The staff has been great this past year. We have just renewed our lease and love living at the Pines at Bethabara! It is the largest apartments in Winston and close to Wake Forest. I do recommend the Pines. Full Review ▶


First, there was one good part about living at The Pines. The rent was cheaper than many other options near WFU. With that being said, I would never chose to live here again over the more expensive options. For the first… Full Review ▶


First the good -- the lush forest in the back is great for walking your dog or just going out for a stroll. Many supermarkets are within 5mins driving distance. The bad: might as well be living in Baghdad. The neighbors… Full Review ▶


I had a one-bedroom first-floor unit from July 06 till April 07, and I loved living at The Pines. It was very peaceful, never noisy, and the neighbors were great -friendly but not nosey. Even on the bottom floor, I was… Full Review ▶


I just responded to an article earlier and figured that I would write my own article as well.
I want to tell people how wonderful The Pines at Bethabara is! It is very quiet here and the staff is great. The… Full Review ▶


I have lived at the Pines for almost 4 years and have never had a problem that was not addressed to my satisfaction. My neighbors have always been good quality people and i have never had a negative experience with any… Full Review ▶


I've lived at the Pines by myself in a 1 br and with a roommate in a 2 br. I have always felt very safe and have always had great service. The women in the office are always nice and maintenance… Full Review ▶


I've lived at The Pines for 6 months now, and have really enjoyed my experience. The staff is friendly and helpful, maintenance is usually taken care of the same day you request it, and the apartment is a nice size for… Full Review ▶


We just moved in recently and I couldn't have been happier. The apartments are well priced for the size. I love the lay out and the staff is very friendly and helpful! I haven't expereienced any loud noise and love the… Full Review ▶


When my wife and I moved in here 9 months ago, we were told that the walls here at the Pines were "double insulated" and that sound between the units wouldn't be an issue. Nothing could be further from the truth.… Full Review ▶


After reading the last poster's review, I thought to myself....are we thinking of the same place here? I currently live in The Pines at Bethabara with my husband and have had a great expirence thus far. We have lived there since… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


I decided to move into The Pines mainly because the staff promised excellent service, and, I have to say, they have delivered. They know the residents by name and are very friendly anytime you go to the office, whether it's to… Full Review ▶


As this was not my first apartment in the area, I have another community to compare to The Pines. As a law student at Wake, I initially moved into The Corners because it was close to the school and very cheap.… Full Review ▶


This is a great place to live. The office staff is terrific. Our place is the perfect size. Maintenance turn around time is awesome. Location is great. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for good easy living. Full Review ▶


Too much noise! Music too loud. Office ignored maintenance require. Full Review ▶


I lived at the Pines for two years in a one-bedroom apartment and enjoyed my stay. The one bedrooms are a little older than the two bedrooms and are therefore much quieter and have solid construction with huge closets, a spacious… Full Review ▶


I was transferred temporarily to Winston-Salem with my company, and lived at The Pines for six months. I moved my family with me, and we enjoyed our stay at The Pines. The staff was always very helpful, and helped us get… Full Review ▶


I love living at the Pines at Bethabara! Every one is so nice! I have a great apartment and I love all the great people that live around me!

Full Review ▶


As a resident of the Pines at Bethabara I have found that since managment changed in April of 2003 that this place has become a wonderful place to live again. The maintenance in my apartment has been great and the office… Full Review ▶


As a college student, I know that many people think of most students as arrogant, loud, disrespectful, etc. I moved off-campus from Wake Forest University to be sure I could have study time - a nice, quiet, community of professionals. When… Full Review ▶

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