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Pavilion at Twin Creek
4007 Raynor Pkwy, Bellevue, NE 68123
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Pavilion at Twin Creek is three four floor apartment buildings and a central office/clubhouse. Construction seems to be complete. There is an in ground pool. Trash pick up, water, and basic cable are included in the rent. You can go to the web site to read the positive spin on this apartment complex. Lets get strarted. Each building has two elevators and they are all slow and often smell like whomever or whatever was in there last. That can be anything from a strong colongne or perfume to cigarettes and what I presume to be dog urine. There are three stairwells in each building all connecting to each of the four floors. Every time some one uses the stairwell they open a door to get to the stairwell. The door promptly slams behind them when they enter and slams behind them when they leave. This slamming is audible in my apartment on the fourth floor. It gets old after a while. Also, people smoke and leave trash in the stairwells and halls. On one occassion I saw an ash tray stored under the steps. Each Hallway is lit well enough to see the uncountable imperfections in the floor, walls, and ceilings. There are dips in the floor at the seams and there are random chips and scratches in the dry wall. All poorly covered by the textured walls. Once inside the apartments it is obvious this is a new construction and everything looks real nice. Closer inspection reveals many of the same imperfections found in the halls and stairwells. The walls themselves are solid enough and I can't say that I've ever heard much from the residents beside me. However, I can hear almost everything below me. It is as though I were living on a drum pad at times. I can hear the people below me when they play guitar, run their washer and dryer, turn on their television and when they open and close their doors. I suspect that means they can hear me as well. Its not just hearing though, I can feel through my floor when their washer kicks into the spin cycle or when they slam their door. This also gets old after a while. The apartment comes equipped with all the necessary appliances but in my opinion they are not the best quality even though they are new. My bath tub came equipped with a crack in it. I called the management to get it fixed but it took multiple calls to remind them. I came home one afternoon and there was a smell in my apartment that indicated that work had been done in my bathroom. After inspection I saw that the crack was not fixed. I called the management and before I could tell them the crack was still there the young woman was telling me that the crack was fixed earlier that day. I told her it was not fixed and she was confused. I wonder what they were charged for that day. It did eventually get fixed but it was not in a timely fashion at all. I asked for my hot water heater to be turned up and that five minute job that required a screw driver took over a week to get to. Before that, the water was not hot enough to clean my dishes effectively. Also, the permanent lighting is weak in my apartment. Be prepared to bring your own lights. The smoke alarms have hair triggers. I can't make toast dark the way I like it without setting them off. I moved in last June and almost immediately noticed that the air conditioner was running for hours at a time to cool my apartment. Sometimes it would run all night ant the apartment still wouldn't reach 75 degrees according to the thermostat. I figured this was because it was so hot. Now it is winter and i have noticed that if I stand as much as two feet from the balcony door I can feel gusts and breezes of cold air. It's just as bad, if not worse by the windows. This tells me that the windows and balcony doors are cheap and/or poorly insulated. I should have been tipped off early on because even from the fourth floor I can clearly hear and understand people ouside on the ground speaking at normal conversational level. I can hear whenever someone closes their car door or drives through with their bass music thumping up and down the parking lot as they look for a space. Parking is not fun. Depending on the time of day, finding a space can take you up to two or three hundred yards away from the building. Also, there are no assigned parking spaces and more than a hand full of contractor type trucks used for work and business taking up considerable space in front of the buildings. I have seen cars blocking the handicap access ramp just to get close to the building. It wasn't long before people just invented their own parking spaces, parking in the circular round about even after a snow storm when there was limited space due to piles of snow. These added obsticles make negotiating the parking lot an adventure. Located in the parking lot are three (as far as I know) green dumpsters. They are pretty big. Unfortunateley the trash collector doesn't come often enough and there is usually an enormous pile of trash overflowing from each dumpster. Once the garbage man does come, the dumpster is overflowing again in 48 hours. I suggest a fourth dumster or a more frequent trash collection. The staff here doesn' seem at all interested in my concerns. I have approached them several times about the noise coming from beneath me and all they tell me is that quiet hours are from 10pm to 6am and if they can't hear anything from outside the resident's apartment they can't do anything about it anyway. On one occasion I was able to get results when I called the office and asked them to help me stop the loud bass coming from the second floor. That's right, the second floor. I live on the fourth floor. That's how easily sound travels through these buildings. When I tried to thank the young lady from the office for stopping the bass she told me she didn't think it was that loud. I don't know how loud something has to be for us to reach a consensus but if I can hear bass two floors below me, it might be just a little loud. Also, before it snowed recently I could look down from my balcony and see dozens of piles of poop scattered thoughout the grass. One dog even consistenly poops on the sidewalk (unless there is a herd of deer near by). There are I think six poop bag stations, two for each building. Unfortunately, I think few residents use them and the staff here is either ineffective in enforcing the rules of the lease or not interested in enforcing the lease. Either way, since it snowed I have stepped in hidden poop that should not have been there. All things considered though, I don't know if you would do better to live somewhere else. Apartment life is what it is but for the cost of rent I expected a better constructed building (especially since it's new), a more considerate (maybe more noise conscious too) group of residents, and a more efficiently managed and maintained complex. If you don't mind paying almost $1000 a month for all the stuff described above and the pavilion is just too pretty and new to pass up then go ahead and move in. If you can find a comparable place that isn't as new but has esentially all the same offerings for less, take it.

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