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Pheasant Ridge
11829 Amerado Blvd, Bellevue, NE 68123
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...until they changed it to a low income housing complex. They don´t mention that on any of their advertisements. If you make less than $27,000 then forget it. They kicked out half of the tenants (LOTS of clean military) and moved in a bunch of TRASH. Total freakin´ bums with the biggest piece of ---- rusted out cars crowding up the lot. If you think I´m joking then take a ride over and visit. My apartment was always very quiet, but ever since the trash started to move in I can tell a difference. The surrounding area is as peaceful and safe as you can ask for, with a small farm across the street. I walked my dog very late at night everynight and it was extremely peaceful.

This article is true.

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