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Hollis Commons
30 Cherry Street, Concord, NH 03301
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I moved into this apartment because it seemed nice. When I moved in the windows, carpers, and floors were not clean. I had stains in the carpet, chipped and stained floor tiles, the lighting flickers, and there are random nails sticking up under the carpet in the floor.

I complained about the stained and cracked tiles. I was told that there was nothing I could do about it.

When the cable guy came to hook up my TV, I was informed that there was a short circuit in the wall. The lights flicker because of electricity surges. I was told this is a safety/fire hazard and I should tell the property manager. I did and was told not to worry about it. It was never fixed.

When I moved in I was told that there was a no pet policy with exceptions. All of my neighbors have pets. Some of their dogs bark at random hours of the night and the walls are so thin it wakes me up.

The thin walls are another issue. I've lived in complexes before and never had a problem. But I can usually hear the TV or activities of my neighbors through the walls. Which is especially awesome when neighbors watch loud movies at 3am.

The hallways are never clean, the carpets are stained and rarely vacuumed, and smell awful. I noticed this when I visited and assumed they just hadn't been cleaned in a week. The reality is, they are never cleaned.

The "secure" door to the building doesn't always close all the way leaving access to the building. Every delivery person in town knows the "universal code" to get in. Not to mentioned friends and family of residents.

I don't say all this because I hate this place. I say it because I was not aware of any of this when I moved in. All these complaints are things you can get over and live with. But, its good to know when looking. Especially since I heard they raised the rent.

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