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Richfield Village
168 A Richfield Terrace, Clifton, NJ 07012
5 User Responses

I've lived in this apartment complex for a very long time. I love it here; it's my home. I think the SAME people who post negative comments should drive around and see how large this complex is. I think they walk out of their apartment, get in their car, go where they have to, come back and go inside. Grant it, it is old; however, it's still home. If I had the opportunity to own my own home, I know the Sears repairman is not sitting waiting for me to call to repair any of my broken appliances. The plumber is not waiting for my call. The DPW and the City have other calls waiting. The Hurricane flooded my boiler room and it was out of my control. The Hurricane destroyed many of my friends homes; their belongings and they had no electricity and hot water for over a week. So who do you blame? I've never had a problem with the renting office past or present and I've never had a problem with the maintenance department past or present. As far as the two management companies, I have nothing bad to say about either of them. There will be those out there in fantasy land who keep posting how much they dislike living here, yet they still chose to live here and post negative over and over again. And there will be those who will automatically think I work in this complex; however, I do not. I'm just tired of reading the same things over and over again from the same people. This is my HOME, I love it here and have recommended many friends and they live here also. So come on down to Richfield Village, bring your family and your pets and enjoy living here as much as I do. An honest review and an honest opinion. Think how lucky we are, we have a place to live! We didn't lose our home, we do not sleep on a bench in a park or under a bridge in a box. Life is too short to sweat over the small things; some people just can't be happy with what they have. For those who have left and purchased their own home; I would love to see a review on here when something breaks, leaks or floods. I also want to know what you will do if your hot water heater and/or furnace breaks down in the middle of the night. Please post the names of the companies who came to your house in 5 minutes...Have a blessed weekend!

well said faith--we too consider rich vill our HOME--weve been here 41 yrs--raised 2 girls in this (TINY) apt-its what YOU make it--some apts ive seen are no more homey than a morgue--its as i said =YOU make it a home--or just treat it as an apt--up to you
well like you claim that you don't have any special motive while posting a good review, don't you think other people also have no special motive while posting bad reviews... it depends on your experience here.... for some ppl its good and for some ppl IT IS BAD.... And i am one of those whose had really bad experiences here....and i am also one of those who does post lot of negative reviews about this place...!! I also had moved in thinking it would be HOME to me...but things were not supposed to be that way... the constant problems we faced affected our lives..and we moved out eventually...and blv me.. I AM SOOOO HAPPY NOW !!
"Bring your pets?" WOW! When did that change? I wish I would have driven around the complex to see an actual apartment before I moved in. Then I would have seen the mold and the cracked paint on the ceiling in my kids room before hand that they never addressed. But, management never lets you see the apartments. Only the model apartment. As for sleeping on a park bench or under a bridge, at least you will get your moneys worth compared to living there. My rent was $1325 a month for a tiny "refurbished" apartment and I could barely squeeze into the bedroom with minimal closet space. And we chose not to sweat over the small things. We chose to move out to a place that has 24 hour on call maintaince (and yes I have called on a Sunday evening and someone was at my apartment in 15 minutes.) Granted, you may love it at Richfield Village, it may be your home, but to my family, it was hell and we couldn't wait to move out.
A lot of tenants who live here read reviews, believe it or not. If you have lived here as long as I have, you become friendly with your neighbors and a lot of them use their names; 1st initial-last name. They even let their user name slip out. So believe what you want, I am a tenant, do live here and do not work here. I am retired and have a computer. I read reviews on all apartments in our area, it's a hobby.
i think you work here..why would you read reviews if you live here already? whats the point? people read them to see if they WANT to live here. THIS IS A FAKE!

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